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Reading & Writing broaden the horizon of our vision: Principal JKPS Kunjwani

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JAMMU: “Reading is not just studying. It makes us a very productive person. A person’s strength depends on his/her literary prowess and the type of knowledge he/she has”. With these words Gurveer Singh alongwith his classmates from Grade 6E conducted the morning assembly on the topic “Benefits of reading and writing”.
As a good thought in the morning hours refreshes our mind, so Samarth enlightened the audience with a famous quote from Dr. Sues. The more you read, the more you will know. The more you know, the more places you will go”.
Enlightening the audience further on the topic, Rajveer recited a self-composed poem:
Reading and writing
Are skills so fine;
They open up a world
Of wonder and design.
With reading, we can travel
To faraway land,
Meet new people
and understand.
With writing, we can share our
Thoughts and dreams,
And create new world
That brightly gleams.
So let’s all take a pledge
To read and write today;
And make our world
A better place everyday!

Reflecting on the topic, Advik said, “Reading and writing are two useful skills that are often neglected by people who think speaking and listening are much better ways of learning. However, reading and writing skills come in hand, no matter what we are doing. Whether we are working for a big company or running our own business. An individual, who reads and writes well, will likely develop strong writing skills always”.
Adding further on the deliberations, Rajveer stated, “Reading and writing are also fundamental to personal development and self-expression. It allows people to gain knowledge from printed text. Reading also helps us learn more about our interests and hobbies, so that we can enjoy our free time more. Writing helps us improve our communication skills and express ourselves clearly.
“Reading and writing skills are keys to helping students succeed in school and beyond. Reading helps us learn new words which we can then use in our own writing. Writing helps us practice our spelling and grammar so that we can read better as well”, stated Gurveer.
Congratulating the presenters of the Assembly and summarizing the topic, Principal JK Public School Kunjwani Rajesh Rathore said, “As evident, reading and writing skills are vital to one’s well-being, and thus should never be neglected. If you want to live more fully, learn more about the world around you, connect with others more deeply, develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world, hone your communication skills and groom yourself into a more attractive human being, evolving your better versions with every passing day”.
“Reading not only improves our linguistic competence, but it also improves our personality and widens the horizon of our vision”, he summed up.

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