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Modi-a visionary down to earth

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Dr. PP Singh

Ever since the beginning of parliamentary election in India in the year 2014, the BJP as opposition party during he regime of UPA Govt. set in motion its all ranks and file to contest parliamentary election under the presidentship of Raj Nath Singh. Narinder Modi CM of Gujarat as party candidate for the post of Prime Ministership. Goa BJP convention whole heartedly approved the candidature of Modi for the post of PM. There was hardly any problem in BJP ruled states but contest was very tough and challenging in non-NDA states. The most vulnerable and hard battle was Uttar Pradesh where SP, BSP and Congress had footings and these parties used to seek votes on the basis of polarisation. Nevertheless, Amit Shah former Home Minister of Gujarat and a close confident of Narinder Modi was made over all incharge of party affairs in Uttar Pradesh. Amit Shah a very strong and experience politician took over the command of BJP in Uttar Pradesh accepting all odds and challenges and he decided that Modi Prime ministerial candidate must contexts one seat from Varanasi and other in Gujarat. Though in Bihar BJP was in alliance with JDU but the alliance did not last long and Nitish Kumar who was heading the state faced very humiliating defeat in the election the other two strong political stalwarts of Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan of RJD and LJP. Ram Vilas Paswan sometime back and old partner of BJP declared its prepoll support to BJP. In Uttar Pradesh Congress and is alliance partners especially SP and BSP campaigned against BJP targeting Narinder Modi as murderer of Muslims in Gujarat alleging him that he (Modi) is deadly against Muslim and Dalits. In case, if he is voted to power he will kill all the Muslims in 15 days such a poisonous campaign was launched by these parties. Narinder Modi was branded with so many countless allegations. Atleast my pen does not allow me to write ill of a person whose first legacy is SAB KA SATH SAB KA HAATH AND SAB KA VIKAS means development and welfare of all i.e. 120 crore of Indians, irrespective of caste, creed and sex.
The BJP became largest victorious party with its alliance partner and BJP alone got more than simple majority in the recent concluded Parliament election and Narinder Damodardass Modi became the Prime Minister of India at the age of 63 plus. A historical victory for BJP since its inception as a political identity. The people were fed up with UPA led Govt. at the Centre, because high inflation, scams, scandals , cross border terrorism and poor foreign policy , law and order were some of the burning issues facing the country and people of India wanted an abrupt change in the political set up in the country and its alternative was BJP. Soon after the BJP came into power many decisions immediately were taken, to control the inflation and other issues like electricity crisis, water supply etc. and many other issues confronting the nation are under active consideration and are also in the pipeline. Modi having broad vision with new ideology and direction will push the Indian socio-economic fabric forward.
On foreign policy especially with neighbours he already displayed his goodwill for friendly relation, this was observed during his oath ceremony at Delhi where upon he invited all heads of states of SAARC countries. All heads of states of SAARC countries wished him a very good as Prime Minister of Democratic Republic of India. He also visited some of the SAARC nations like Bhutan and Nepal where he was given rousing reception and signed major agreements besides assuring them financial aids.
Recently his visit to Japan, opened a new chapter of development, a bullet train project, technology transformation projects, cleaning of Ganga, a holy river, and many agreements were signed by the heads of both nations. He was given extraordinary reception in Japan. He pleaded and advocated the philosophy of Mahatma Budha and appealed to the people to follow the path shown by the great saint.
With China President xi Jinping, the Head of Communist State along with 100 delegates of his country in India, Modi exchanged lot of views on various issues between both the countries, the LAC issue and India’s territory under China was discussed threadbare beside trades and transfer of technology, relaxation of visas etc. Modi when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat he was well versed with China’s marketing network in India, China a nearest marketing hub.
Modi a God gifted person with tremendous divine sense of light and highly religious personality has no enemy. He has great respect for other religions. In his recent statement where in he has particularly mentioned about Muslims that Muslims of India are nationalists. Their nationality can not be challenged and doubted. Indian Muslims die for India and live for India. After the Godhra incident in Gujarat Modi was being looked as anti Muslim but his recent statement has proved pro-Muslim ideology and is a befitting reply to those who always alleged and branded him anti Muslim. His recent visit to USA is seen to bring peace and development in Southeast Asia. With President Obama he discussed terrorism uprising in Middle East and stressed the member countries not to allow its soil to be used for terrorism whether bad or good. He advocated that India will lead 21st century world. He said India has three strengths its largest democracy, 65 per cent youths below 35 of age and demand for huge marketing space in India.
Let us all hope that good days shall come and India shall emerge as a big power in the world socio-economically, millitarily and with new thoughts and direction under the dynamic leadership of Narinder Modi.

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