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Assembly elections; an opportunity to seize

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Dear Editor,
The state of Jammu and Kashmir became part of the Indian Dominion like any other princely state, with the signing of Instrument of Accession by the then ruler Maharaja Hari Singh  on 26th October, 1947. Thereafter, the leadership at the Centre and in the State conspired and ousted the Maharaja from the State and gave full powers to Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah, who was the Prime Minister of the State at that time. The entire world knows what happened after that. The advancing Indian forces were stopped from recapturing the State land from the possession of Pakistani raiders and unilateral cease-fire declared. The matter was then taken to UNO and thus an issue was made out of a non-issue. The country and the people of the State were subjected to tremendous sufferings and great loss of human lives and resources. This all happened due to the initial follies committed by the leaders of the past for their vested interests. The position stands still the same as of today.
During the last 66 years, the State has been ruled by only a couple of families or by Valley-centric individuals and parties, who made the people of Jammu and Ladakh regions as 2nd class citizens. All these years, the people of the two regions have agitated and struggled to achieve their legitimate rights and for bringing the State at par with the rest of the states of the Union. During these agitations, many valuable human lives were lost – the greatest being that of National leader Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee.
Now, that the State is once again going to polls for electing a new government, the experienced and mature voters of the State are expected to vote only for those parties and candidates who can change the scenario that suits the national as well as the interests of all the three regions of the State. Corruption-free government committed for development and for bringing the State at par with the rest of the states of the Union is need of the hour.
Through your esteemed newspaper a fervent appeal is made to the voters to seize this golden opportunity to exercise their franchisee wisely, otherwise they may have to once again regret for complete six years for their own blunder.
Ramesh Sabharwal
Jammu Kashmir Peoples’ Forum, Jammu

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