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Let us all have some environmental sense

Our peaceful existence in society is incumbent on how well we put our senses to use. Our sense is our ability to think or act in a reasonable way. Our sense in a given situation in a nutshell is our good judgement. We are taught and

Movement to reconnect to Mother Earth

The most surprising aspect of the three-decades-old climate change debate and discussion is that all nations – with the exception of tiny Bhutan – have not thought it necessary to transform the way economic growth and development are

Death: A Common Theme Across All Religions

Tuesday August 30 is National Grief Awareness Day, an occasion for people to reflect upon and process major losses in their lives, including the deaths of loved ones.There is virtually nothing more universal than death: we all are born,

Let’s make another trip around the sun

I love getting letters and cards by post; most would agree that this has a completely different feel to ecards sent these days. One loving friend who knows this mailed me a card for 2023 that said, ‘Another Trip Around The Sun’.This phrase

Seek the company of spiritual therapists

Ordinary perception allows us to see only the separateness. It takes extraordinary perception to see oneness.If a drop of water falls on a hot surface, it will instantaneously evaporate. Similarly, if you come into intimate contact with

Live in peace, not in search of it

Everyone wants to live in peace. No one likes to live in search of it. But lack of knowledge and inner powers make many of us strive and struggle to get peace from wrong sources. Then, true peace remains a distant dream.My spiritual guide,

Matter may after all be only in the mind

The famous Higgs boson, discovered in 2012 at CERN, helped explain what gave matter its mass. The elusive ‘God’ particle paradoxically endeavoured to render ‘God’ redundant as suggested by Lawrence Krauss, a renowned theoretical physicist.

TWO PATHWAYS – To wake up or to run away

To achieve the set objective. There are two ways to live in this society – either to run away from yourself or to live within ourselves. In case one has to run away from oneself then it is better to identify the aim to get out. One has

How can Moksha be obtained?

What is the ultimate goal of man? We live, we seek happiness, we believe that success and achievement is our goal. But this is a myth. Why? Because ultimately man must die, and everything we achieve is left behind. Man has not stopped to
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