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TWO PATHWAYS – To wake up or to run away


To achieve the set objective. There are two ways to live in this society – either to run away from yourself or to live within ourselves. In case one has to run away from oneself then it is better to identify the aim to get out. One has either to become big, or to earn money or to be a prominent politician. You get deeply involved in the process like mad day and night and think about whatever ways and means to achieve the set aim. After that, all your love will extinguish, your inner peace will get destroyed and the compassion inside you will also be lost. Your inner satisfaction and balance will get distorted. You will be totally focused only on one issue, that is, to achieve the set objective. You are thus running away from yourself.
Start of religion/duty
If you have to be awakened within yourself then there is another way. Whatever external discoveries are there and whatever are the worldly objects, these are fine to live the life but these are not the real aims of life. The principal aim is to know thyself and to understand yourself. The moment from where the efforts to know thyself start, that is the beginning of true spiritualism. You then turn spiritual. That is the start of religion/duty.
More valuable in the world
The meaning of being spiritual is to move towards soul, knowing God, understanding the world and to make a proper use of physical objects. We have within us a controlling power by realizing which we can control ourselves. The development of that power is called spirituality. Whatever inventions have been made in the world so far are to provide facilities to the man but they are not worthwhile and valuable. If there is anything more valuable in the world, then it is the man.
Poison as well as nectar
Among all the living beings in this world, man is the most valuable, and all the discoveries and inventions made by the man are still most valuable. That is why, first of all, man has to discover himself. We have already gone deep under the depths of oceans but have not yet fathomed the depths of human mind because in there is the poison as well as nectar. To take the poison out of man’s heart and to keep the nectar intact and alive it should be our endeavour. We should try to divert science in this direction.

Dr Archika Didi

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