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Live in peace, not in search of it


Everyone wants to live in peace. No one likes to live in search of it. But lack of knowledge and inner powers make many of us strive and struggle to get peace from wrong sources. Then, true peace remains a distant dream.
My spiritual guide, Prajapita Brahma, founder of the Brahma Kumaris movement, would say: “Peace is not an end to achieve, but a means to be adopted, for success and progress in life. It’s innate in the soul. It’s your swa-dharma, soul’s religion, natural nature. Always stick to it and be in peaceful state of mind. Then everything will fall in place, sooner or later.
“Whenever you say ‘Om Shanti’, remind yourself that you are a soul, originally peaceful and peace loving. It will enable you to see others as divine and peaceful beings. Such holy outlook will help create and spread the vibrations and a culture of peace, love and non-violence in the world, which will pave the way for building better life and society.”
Prajapita Brahma’s dissemination and delineation of spiritual knowledge, sattvic lifestyle and meditational methods are so simple and practical that any laymen can follow them easily.
He would say: “Always pay attention, to prevent tension and stress which are breeding grounds of anger, fear, ego, lust and attachment. Rajyog meditation is the way to wipe out these inner evils and weaknesses born out of body conscious and materialistic mindset.” The sacred fire of meditation on God, sublimates human vices and mental impurities, enabling the meditator to experience deep inner peace, poise, love and bliss. Rajyog meditation can be practised by anyone, anywhere, anytime and in any comfortable posture or position. It is a meditational means of self-introspection and self-discipline, and is suitable for householders, too, to find peace and contentment within. People often struggle to get peace and happiness from without, forgetting that these innate qualities are real religion of the Inner Self.
-Dadi Ratan Mohini

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