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Befooling Public and educated youth

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Dear Editor,
It is a known fact that whenever elections to state Assembly is near government of J and K passes such orders which hurt the  sentiments of public and highly educated youth for instance this time regularisation of 62,000 casual workers who have been  engaged despite clear cut  ban imposed not to engage any body after 1994.  In fact there was utmost necessity  to punish all those who violated government directions but to ensure that unemployed educated youth could not get job, a hidden way of regularisation has been adopted. Had these 62,000 workers not been clandestinely engaged fresh, educated youth would have got a chance to compete and get employment on merit. Now the result would be that these workers will be the officers within few years as there will be no competitor to them and the administration will be in the hands of dull unqualified persons on one hand and unemployment problem on other side.
Since present leaders in power are creating more problems for educated unemployed youth we should desist from voting to them.
Jammu Asha Kiran Society
Janipur Colony, Jammu.

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