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Reaction of people towards relief distribution

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After having a visit of flash flood areas in both the provinces of Jammu and Kashmir the purpose of relief in the shape of domestic things like quilts and raw material comprising distribution of flour and rice had been in rampant state since very beginning of this incident. Though provision of the civic amenities like power and irrigation and roads,  etc had been standstill and to organise these basic management in an immediate manner is a very big task for a nation like India but in order to make so possible our State as well as Central Government under the aegis of PM Narender Modi had strived so promptly to soothe the victimised people as early as possible.
Anantnag people accused the administration for  maladjustment in the distribution of the relief material among the people and they dumped the huge relief  to contending politicians so that the distributers can emerge themselves iconic and earn the privilege in the upcoming election. This incident took place at Dak Bunglow Khanwal about which Safeera wife of Abdul Aziz told to some media persons that she is wandering there for some days but no one is paying attention towards her cause.
Cases like such had bent a common mind to think about the distribution of relief package like ration supply and other essentials among the people whether uniformly distributed or not? If we talk about the affected people inside the Jammu Province they have a lot complain about the relief package offered to them is not so suitable as per their demands. During the visit of Jugal Kishore( MP of the BJP) at  Barota- camp,  Keso,  Pakhari, Rangoor- Camp, Camp- Kamore,  Chak -Paras, Nanga  etc residents complained that they are facing flood problem successively for the third time within a shorter span of time and the relief compensation given by the State Government is not suitable according to their loss. While in the presence of Additional Deputy Commissioner Inder Jeet Bhagat,  residents had complained that the Rs 300 per Kanal for the agricultural land is not sustainable.
“Aftermath of this visit the residents did not agree with the State as well as Central relief distribution, in-addition they also complained that no  food items had been not offered to the flash flood victims whereas the relief package in the kind of eatable and non- eatable things had been going to Srinagar province in surplus and injustice had been done with the flash flood victims of the area” Prem Pal Choudhary and others claimed.
In addition they also gave ultimatum to government to protest on Vijaypur main road in order to fulfil  their demands. Surjeet Singh Slathia conveyed to the administration including Division Commissioner Shantmanu who visited the flood ravaged people and announce some relief package like distribution of free ration supply in the five villages (Barota-camp, Kamore, Kamore-Camp, Rangoor -Camp etc )for upcoming six months. And Rs 1,000 per kanal for crops and Rs 3,000 per Kanal for erosion of agricultural land and aggregate amount in ex-gratia Rs 10,000 for crops per Acre and Rs 25,000 for the erosion of agricultural land conveyed to the government was promised by him.
Similar complaints had been a daily incidence along the regions like Nandpur, Kathar, R.S Pura belt comprising the Phalian -Mandal area containing more than 60 villages which came under the flash flood where number of families comprising Gujjars had vehemently claimed that the relief measures were not provided in an immediate manner and residents suffered irreparable loss in the villages like Gandu-Chack,  Khandhwal, Sure-chak, Suanjna, etc. Gujjar families had sustained a huge loss in the kind of milch    animals, life and property.
As far as Srinagar concerned in the matter of relief distribution there are also irregularities as  Shabir Ahmed of Chinar -Danter told that they had submitted the list of about 100 families to the officer concerned but no accountability was maintained he alleged that officers are looting the relief material, as one of them had stored three blankets in his locker. According to him relief distribution has intervention of some party leaders who will distribute it later in order to boost the party image among the affected families.
A huge quantity of rice bags had been exposed to pilferage and spoilage by the birds and insects which were offered as relief by the Chattishgarh Government for the districts like Jammu, Kathua, Poonch, Samba, Rajoury etc. Wastage of a huge quantity of the relief material at such sites had made the flash flood victims to resent the government with complaints that agencies involved in this programme should take proper care and distribute the relief material in a prompt manner so that the needs of the deserving families living in such regions can be mitigated. Inhuman activities of inflicting violence in the shape of injuring the NDRF Jawan and stone pelting upon an army chopper in the Valley was later to be blamed as late onset of rescue measure in the Valley is a brutal act. Such incidence can have no place in the philosophy of Hinduism and Muslim. Whereas an imminent Muslim scholar known as Dr. Iqbal had quoted Majahab Nahin Sikhatha Aapas Mein Bair Rakhana during such perilous situations we must learn from our scholars and sects who would have devoted themselves for this noble cause of maintaining peace and prosperity all over the world.The flood affected victims of Jammu province suspected that victims of Srinagar province are being favoured in the matter of relief distribution. But it is the devotion of agencies which had played its roles so vehemently in order to help the affected people whether claiming a Muslim or a Hindu!

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