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Country needs a full-time Minister for Defence

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Dear Editor,
Even when we had full-time Defence Ministers, there were occasions of incursions and disturbance of peace from the Pakistani side, either along the Line of Control or the International Border. However, that is no excuse for not having a full-time Defence Minister.
If Mr Arun Jaitley can handle both the Finance and the Defence Ministries single-handedly, it is a given that if he is relieved of one of the two portfolios, he can acquit himself with an even higher degree of efficiency. This should not be taken to mean that he has been incapable so far with the two portfolios.
Keeping this in mind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi should brook no delay in appointing a full time Defence Minister. The urgency of this decision has been felt all the more strongly in recent weeks because of the continued ceasefire violations that Pakistan has indulged in along the borders and the intrusion by Chinese forces.
KV Seetharamaiah

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