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When will patriarchal ideologies end?

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Sunaina Malik

As per scientific records, our magnificent and diversified earth came into existence about 6.4 billions years ago. After this man would have started his societal institution nearly 5.4 billion years ago. Since then earth under went innumerable variations and alternations but one thing which is still constant, is male approach towards female folk. Though we are aware of the fact that female constitute half of the total population of this striking world but I am very apologetic to say that when ever question of equal status to half of the population of world arises, whole of the male community is silent over it. Today a fraction of society claims of equality to women but their claims are shallow and far far away from reality.
No doubt, God at the time creation of this beautiful cosmos created man and woman as equal in all aspects except physical appearance and physical strength. He created man as physically strong and woman as beautiful and tender. In addition to this, God has been conveying the rights of both the important pillars of society through various religious books since the inception of societal institutions. Irony here is, addicted with the liquor of pride of strength, man has been ignoring the directions of God’s scriptures from the day one. Man, whom God created as a shelter and help full hand for a woman, has adopted every possible way to exploit her.
Let us ponder how patriarchal society leaves no sphere for woman but to curse on her existence as a female
Right to Speech—The first fundamental right snatched by man is female right to speech. Almost in every society of world women are taught to remain silent. They are not enjoying their right to put forth their views in a home, in a society or in a country. They are taught to accept male view willingly or unwillingly. In addition to this, our patrachial society considers only those women good who accept male supremacy un-objected. To your revelation, depriving women of their right to speech is in utter violation to almost all the religious scriptures of world like Quran, Bible or Gurugranth Sahib.
Right to Vote—-Written records have revealed us that women were deprived of their right to vote. It was during 15th century AD that women were ordered by their supreme masters to vote but irony is even now their votes are decided by their husbands, fathers or brothers. When ever a woman votes it does not mean she chooses a leader of her own choice but it mean she votes according to her master’s choice. It is because of this, our politician never feel a need to talk to the women of an area during elections because somewhere they know that women donot go out from the decision of their masters.
Right to Choice—-Quran and Gita give full freedom to every adult girl to show her choice to marry but irony is, today girls who come up with their choice to marry against the will of their parents are considered as immoral.
Right to Property—-Every religion of the world preaches that women also have right to property but greedy patrachial society have fixed an unfixed amount of dowry for newly married girl which further multiplies her curses in her in-laws house.
Right to Ownership— In a society of opportunism, a woman remains homeless through out her life. In her parental home, she is brought up as an identity given to some one after marriage. She does not own a single article of her father’s house legally and her In-laws never ever tolerate her to be a legal sharer in their house. In addition to this patrachial laws have given full freedom to throw any destitute in the pool of misery by pronouncing divorce to her. In this situation she gets rejected from both sides and rendered homeless by this cruel male dominating society.
Though this cruel patrachial society needs a woman as a mother to feed it, need a woman as a wife to company it, needs a sister to cook food for it, needs a girl friend to enjoy but never needs a woman as a child. Can any body answer me why? After seeing the rotten condition of society my heart is hauling with questions.
(1)When will a woman also own a house of her own from where no body can dare to throw her out?
(2) When will women vote as per their own free choice?
(3)When will women get 50 per cent reservation in Parliament so that they could make laws for their betterment by their own which would not be maligned by any male?
(4)When woman as a girl child will also be welcomed in a house?
In the conclusion, I would like to emphasis that when creator has not kept any difference between two pillars of society then how could a mortal creature i.e man impose his dominance over women.

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