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War, a deadly monster

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 Sunaina Malik 

It is a matter of great misfortune that today almost all the countries of the world are involved in war against each other over the most pity issues like land, property, minerals, oil and over all to establish supremacy on the weaker section of population Undeniably wars whether, global or regional, are gloomy, scruffy and hideous spots over the glossy, ashen and ever pleasant sphere of human civilisation. It would not be wrong to call wars as shabby boulders over the path of evolution and affluence of human race. Since 1756 our beautiful world has fought four global wars (1) seven years of war, (2) The French Revolutionary Wars, (3) World War I (1914-1918), World War II (1939-1945). History witnessed that these wars inspite of pushing the human development in back ward direction, killed incalculable worthy human lives, smashed precious property and increased number of widows and orphans to infinity. As per official data available we humans have lost the lives of 14,00,000 soldiers during world war I. In addition to this that war cursed us in the form of 43,00,000 wounded, 11,00,000 disabled, 42,000 blinded and 15,000 broken faces. Story of losses did not end here, few years after experiencing brutal effects of world war I, our so called leaders of world had again thrown world in the kiln of fire of another war i.e world war II, this war had engulfed 60 million precious lives. In addition to this, two great wars of Asiatic subcontinent i.e between India and Pakistan fought during 1965 and 1971 has butchered 3,000 Indian 3,800 Pakistani and injured 3,843 Indian, 9,000 Pakistani troopsrespectively. As we all know that man has conquered this world with his intelligentsia and man power and ruled this world. He has taken control over all the other creatures of world. But today he is in danger of extinction not because of some foreign agency but because of organisms of his own species. As we all know that countries like Isreal, Palestine, Gaza, Syria, Iran, China, Tiawan, Japan, South Korea and above all India and Pakistan are on war front with each others or helping other in war.
(To be continued)

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