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Tiranga Yatra

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Dr. Kuldeep Singh

BJP is celebrating 70th Independence day from 9th to 23rd August 2016 taking out Tiranga Yatra all over the country. Tiranga is a national pride and it bears sanctity. All due respect is due to Tiranga.
A question arises, do our law makers know the rules to display National Flag? No, they are poor in knowledge. Basically, celebrating Independence Day is fundamental duty. Apart from Tiranga Yatra, there are many other ways to reach the people with programmes. The path chosen with Tiranga is full of violation of laws.
BJP throughout has come under severe criticism holding Tiranga in hands. We are not joining with those politicians from opposition camps having criticised the party over this rally. We are teachers by profession that too having worked as NSS Programme Officer GGM Science College Jammu from 2000 to 2005. As NSS Programme Officer we have been telling students to hold Tiranga in right hand that too high above shoulder and no waving to it in right or left. It must not even bend down. These are the simple rules what belt force personnel follow.
Two Union Ministers in Rajasthan were seen leading the Tiranga Yatra on motor bikes without wearing helmets. Senior leader the Union Minister Ven Khiah Naidu was also seen leading such a rally without helmet on head.
J and K is also not isolated from these violations. Jugal Kishore the present MP from Jammu-Poonch Constituency has not lagged behind and followed his seniors from Centre. In a local daily he is shown on a bike without helmet. Not only this, the rider a BJP MLC holding Tiranga in his left hand is the second major violation of rules.
As leaders what they want to tell the people especially the blind followers and in particular the student community? The raw hand students are likely to follow law makers like Jugal Kishore and others further disrespecting Tiranga.
What a teacher tells to students that takes longer years to shape the students and these efforts seem to go waste with such kind of violation projected in media that too at the end of law makers.
The elected ones have no right to hold the title of a law maker. Just winning elections on the back of divides does not make a man law maker when he or she violates rules and regulations.
Our Society SHEER is ready to educate the representatives under patronage of Prof Bhim Singh. The Patron SHEER; Senior Advocate Bupinder Singh Slathia [Former President BAJ] and a leading Advocate S.Nonu Khera.
Very interesting feed back is posted on face book in response to this very post in reference. Darbinder Singh Musafir and Miriam Kosinski write that the violations displaying National Flag at the end of Jugal Kishore rally are for the second time.
Suresh Gupta, writes that most of the politicians don’t know all these precautions or sanctity of our National Flag or National Anthem. Many flags are used as dusters the following day or are thrown littering on the roads.This is really bad.
S.Nonu Khera, former NSS Volunteer GGM Science College Jammu, presently a leading Supreme Court Lawyer quotes that when law makers become law breakers there comes a situation in a nation which can be understood by an old proverb “Aandha raaja kaani praja ”
“Aandhe Rajas” are out those legislators who break laws but they are forgetting that their Praja (voters the power holders) are not one eyed any more in this age of modern technology where media is very powerful.
Wherever such violations occur, the elected representatives must be held responsible. The reason is obvious as he or she is the elected representative who knows about the law of the land. He or she cannot be allowed to disown the constitutional responsibilities.

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