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Does third eye open at the time of death?

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The third eye is connected to our intuitive powers. Hindus acknowledge it and pay respect to it daily by wearing a bindi or tilak at the exact spot where this invisible third eye is located. But apparently, it also has a lot to do with giving us the answer to the biggest question we can ask throughout our life – the question as to why we exist, in the first place.
Where is it located?
So, where exactly lies the third eye? According to Jesse Davis Jr, “the third eye rests in the recessed center of our brain, encased snugly within the corpus colossum, wrapped tightly between spongy nerve bundles, encased in a quarter-inch-thick armour-plating of the skull, surrounded by our main and expressive organs with which we face the world.”
It is the pineal gland
It is, in reality, the tiny gland, known as the pineal gland, which has long been considered a vestigial gland – or one that serves little or no function…yet, according to Jesse Davis Jr describes the pineal gland as the key to our interpretation of existence.
From no function to crucial function
Jesse Davis Jr goes so far as to say that, “If something happens to your heart, you die. But if something happens to your pineal, you can’t go to heaven!”
Encased in armour
Which is why, this minute spec, roughly the size of a grain of rice, is more heavily protected than even the heart, with its literal cage of protection, he says.
Sensational news
So, what does this gland actually do? It influences both melatonin and pinoline – the body chemicals – but it is the gland’s role in the creation of dimethyltriptamine, or DMT, which is most interesting. This chemical is primarily the reason why we feel and sense things…
Source of psychedelic dreams
Jesse Davis, Jr. says our pineal gland produces DMT every single day (resulting in our varied emotions, not to mention emotional swings). But DMT is also a narcotic and one of the most potent and intensely powerful psychedelics known to man…
Dreams and nightmares
DMT is the chemical that brings on dreams. That’s right. Each night as we drift off to slumber land, not only are we, in reality, going on a psychedelic “trip”, we are being caught unawares that we will not have a sound sleep and also that we have no clue about whether we will have dreams or nightmares.
What Happens At Death?
Throughout life, we have dreams, but what about death? According to Jesse Davis, Jr., at the time of death, this chemical way to dreamland is released in massive amounts. To put things in perspective, he says a normal dream requires a water-glass of DMT, while literally a riverload of DMT excretes into our system at the time of death.

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