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Thank You ‘Chittu’: Burning State Times, boosts State Times

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JAMMU: It is rule nature that success and circumstances create friends and foes; friends feel envious while the foes get jealous. Support of friends makes the odyssey of success easy while the criticism of foes helps further firming up the resolution to touch the skies. Success known no limits and the STATE TIMES believes in marching ahead, braving all odds, notwithstanding the unbecoming acts oike a frustrated cat that scratches the pillar to conceal desperation.

If was beyond imagination that professional jealousy and personal ambitions can renpersonal a person moron to the extent of making him indulge in childish activities, which now proves that STATE TIMES was and in on the right path of progress and further raises its morale to move ahead.

For the last few days, the copies of State Times are being burnt in the campus of Jammu University by a few students many of them outsiders, insignificant self styled organizations, on one pretext or the other. The ritual is being carried out just for a photo session to ensure its publication in the next issue of a particular newspaper. Therefore, the motivation is clear and obvious. The acts are nothing but signs of frustration of a competitor, who feels threatened of the rising graph and growing popularity of State Times and descending circulation of his newspaper is not only because of the objectivity, fair reporting and the editorial policy  of the State Times  but it is due to the exposure of its misdoings and blackmailing tactics as well.

The State Times is being widely read by the University faculty, scholars and students which was panicked the particular newspaper. In its desperation, the newspaper has sought the services of a couple of the so-called student leaders, whose credentials are well known to the varsity management and the student community as a whole. Student leaders are strength of any institution as long as they keep their heads up and struggle for the cause of the student community. The moment they become agents of exploiters, they  lose their esteem and relevance. They commodity for use and throw.

The cheap tactics being adopted by the newspaper to malign the professional rival will not deter the State Times to highlight to gray issues pertaining to the society, the University included and exposing the wrongdoers. The highly provocative and mischievous acts like burning the copies of the State Times will further strengthen this resolve.

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