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Students play an important role in any nation building, we can understand this from the word student only. Student is the person who does the work of acquiring knowledge, Vidya means education. Education is the power with the help of which a person is able to learn to take right decisions in difficult situations. Also one can learn about discipline and behavior.
After all, wisdom is not sold anywhere, the basis of this wisdom is education. The more education we have, the more we will be able to understand and talk about so many different types of things, which will enhance not only our personality but also our future.
The government understands this and that is why education is being given an important role. An educated person plays an important role in the development of the country because only an educated person can help in taking right decisions in different situations of the country and also the job and business done by him is successful which also benefits the country.
By looking at the history and present situation of our country, we can understand how important a role a student plays in nation building.
Apart from this, a student supports the country when he brings all kinds of facilities for his family and thinks about the well-being of the family, about the society around him and stops the bad effects happening in the society or brings about various types of changes.

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