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Shift Civil Secretariat to Jammu: Dogra Front

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JAMMU: The workers of Dogra Front and Shiv Sena (AG) on Monday held a protest demanding the shifting and reopening of Civil Secretariat in Jammu so that the State can be brought out from the administrative paralysis. Every year Kashmir goes through the unrest delivered by the Hurr-iyat and the Pakistan sponsored goons, Ashok Gupta, State President DFSS said. Why the people of Kashmir are living their lives in fear as the future of their children is at stake and they should rise against this unrest as the maximum percentage of Kashmiris are peace loving people who want to carry on their lives without any trouble, he said. Gupta demanded that the security of Hurriyat leaders should be withdrawn as security can only be provided to those people who abide by the Indian Consti-tution and the Hurriyat claims themselves as non Indians. Gupta also appealed to oil tankers union to halt oil supply in the Valley till the normalcy prevails there. Raj Kumar, Bua Ditta, Bawa, Bantu, Rakesh, Surinder, Kail-asho, Seeta, Nikku, Pardhanu, Ram Paul and Abhsihek were also present in the protest.

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