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Only Satguru can help realise God: Madhu Param Hans

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JAMMU: In connection with Diwali, Maharaj Madhu Param Hans, the spiritual head of Sahib Bandgi panth, during the course of his religious discourses at Satwari chowk, Jammu, said that there is need to fix our concentration if we want to realise our soul.
All of us understand the need of fixing concentration for the realisation of God but the significance of fixing concentration is not clear to all. Let’s understand this secret. Our concentration involves our eyes, ears, feet & hands. The eyes can help us see God; the ears can help us hear Him; the feet can take us to Him while the hands can help us have a touch of Him. The gross Indriyas have nothing to do with all this.
The soul is to be found in all. Lord Krishan said to Arjun, “Though this soul has no eyes, yet it can see in all the directions. Though it has no hands & feet yet it can move & work in all the directions.
But the secret behind it is that, at present, those feet are engaged in moving our gross feet & those eyes are engaged in making our gross eyes see the objects around us. If the soul escapes, the eyes will remain stretched wide open.
However hard a devotee may try, he can’t succeed in bringing the Munn under control witout seeking the support of a satguru.

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