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Rogue state deserves no consideration

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Dear Editor,
In the lives of nations, a time comes when their survival and standing in the world depend on ‘do or die’ decisions. For India, the Uri attack provides that historic moment. We have suffered a wicked, dishonest, untrustworthy neighbour since 1947. It first attacked us in October 1947, in Jammu and Kashmir, followed by 1965, 1971 and then 1999 in Kargil. Each time, Pakistan was defeated, suffering heavy casualties. In the 1971 Bangladesh war, we had nearly 90,000 Pakistani prisoners of war. As usual, we were large-hearted, some would say stupid, because we never bound Pakistanis with stiff conditions.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi must be regretting his decision to trust his counterpart Nawaz Sharif, as the latter betrayed him each time. Hence, it is now a testing time. It is suggested downgrading of diplomatic relations; declaring Pakistan a terrorist state and isolating it globally. We must hit it where it hurts – the only language Pakistan understands.
M Ratan

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