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Relook needed

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It looks India’s foreign policy has faltered at some point as the move to isolate Pakistan has brought both Russian and China on the same level. Though both the countries have their own share of concern in the growing Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra, a Salafist jihadist organisation fighting against the forces of the Syrian government, but refused to recognise the terror emanating from Pakistan targeting India. It could be because India hammering too much on terror and less on business. Russia recently held a joint exercise with Pakistan, which in itself was a new revelation in the subcontinent. There is no doubt that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tilt towards America and Europe as far as defence deals are concerned especially when India was scouting for a new generation of multi-role aircraft for Indian Air Force and the initial deal going to French for the 36 Rafale aircrafts instead of the time tested MiG series must have worked as a catalyst in the old friendship. New Delhi must recognise that in international relations, interests and realpolitik calculations count far more than ideology. Pakistan’s advantage is that it realised this long back. That is why it can leverage support from both China and America, otherwise strategic competitors. Modi could have offered more economic opportunities to China and Russia and then take America in confidence to spearhead a war against terrorism. In fact the equation here has changed with large Chinese investments in Gawadar and the economic opportunities which Pakistan is looking forward to. For India to change the game it must, first of all, persuade the Americans of number of ways the current US policy towards Pakistan is counterproductive. If the US can be dissuaded from being Pakistan’s financial benefactor, will China want to assume responsibility for Pakistan’s debt is what would be of interest to watch. Economic compulsions make friend and foe and India needs to relook in its foreign policy rather than repeating point of terrorism it is facing from Pakistan.

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