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Relief work speeded up at district Rajouri

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RAJOURI: During unprecedented devastating flood and landslides district Rajouri has been terribly affected and the deluge has washed away roads, bridges and other infrastructure. So far about , 70 deaths, six in Rajouri , 13 in Thanamandi, one in Darhal, three in Koteranka, two in Kalakote, 45 in Nowshera, one in Sunderbani have been reported in floods, landslides and house collapses triggered by torrential rains. Moreover, residential houses 3,042 (fully) and 6,198 (partially) have also been damaged. Live stock, cattle sheds and Gharats have also suffered a huge loss.
District Development Commissioner, Rajouri Jitendra Kumar Singh mounted an immediate response to disaster by deploying relief and assessment teams at all the Tehsils of district Rajouri. Relief material in the form of tent small size ( 135), tent large size (08 + 40 boxes accessories), blankets (475), utensils (34 boxes) Tarpals with cloths (118), mattress (225) ,Tarpals (840) has been dispatched to affected areas of different Tehsils of district Rajouri. In addition to this, DDC said air dropping of food packets containing sugar, tea, rice, atta and medicine will be carried out at Kote Charwal, Gundh Khwas, Bhadaal, Hatta Seri and Gambhir Mughla today with the help of army. Even the places where persons were trapped in Nallas or their houses were at risk have been shifted to safer areas and tents have been provided to them. About eight camps have been installed by administration so far. Road connectivity has been restored in many cut off areas.
“Assessment teams constituted have been entrusted with the identification of affected areas in their respective Tehsils to gauge the extent of damage and relief required under their jurisdiction, in the event of flash flood and landslides,’ DDC said.
He said that such identification of affected areas shall entail in ascertaining the total population that will have to be brought under the administrative support system and relief operations. Adding to this, he said that it is through proper administrative coordination that potential disaster could be buffered. He asked public to have faith on administration at this time as the administration is making every possible effort to put life on normalcy again in district Rajouri.

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