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Real enemy is within India!

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    Ravinder Jalali 

Who is an enemy? It may be sounding a little bit strange that the author of this write up is starting with the definition of an enemy. The reason is that the now the political parties and pseudo nationals are redefining the definition of enemy depending upon their convenience and personal political interest. The enemy of one person can be the friend of other person. The enemy of one political party can be the friend of another party. The enemy of one country can be the friend of another country and so on. It is just like a good terrorist or a bad terrorist while as terrorist is a terrorist irrespective of their cast, colour, religion and region. Same is the case with the enemy. There can be a good enemy or a bad enemy based on the political conveniences, e.g. SIMI, which has been banned by Govt of India in 2001 and described it as terrorist organisation, but for SP it is not. Now for a common man, any body who is working, contributing and supporting any activity at individual or at organisational level which is against the integrity and sovereignty of nation is an enemy. It is as simple as that from the view point of a common man without going into the intricacies of the law. There is an external enemy and internal. The external enemy is outside the geographical borders of India while the internal enemy is with in the boundary of our nation. I presume that there is no much threat from the external enemy than the internal enemy for the reason that that external enemy is visible and is not in disguise. We can match him proportionately depending upon the strength and compatibility of the enemy but the internal enemy is dangerous because he is invisible. He can stab back at any time because he is in disguise and has a mask and is unpredictable. There are many enemies who are in our parliament and gets a good treatment from the Govt. across the border and that is why in any forum or debate they take the side of enemy.
Recently 8 terrorists in MP have been killed in an encounter after they escaped from the jail after slitting the throat of the security guard. With the active cooperation of the villagers where they were hiding after escape from jail, the police party neutralised them in an encounter but instead of appreciating the role of police, in the interests of the country, they start questioning the credibility of encounter. The notables among them who rose suspicious are none other than the routine rabble rousers and trouble makers and pseudo nationals like Congress, AAP, AIMIM, and other opposition. For them they were under trails and not terrorists. I wonder how a person who is associated or member of terrorist organisations like SIMI is not terrorists. Some of the members of those killed ate involved in heinous crimes and bomb blasts besides conspiring for the assassination of PM. Just imagine if they would not been liquidated, how much damage they would have caused to the humanity. They could not have become saints or sages. Some of the criminals were out for some time on account of their early jail breaking but they turned to be hardened criminals. The argument put forward by the pseudo actionists was that they were without arms and police should have arrested them and presented before court of law for justice. It is easier said than done. If they would have arms, then what could have been the result, some police causality? These terrorists, if not neutralised, would have caused damage by killing the innocent people and same people would have then raised questions on the police for not acting against the terrorists.
I don’t understand what passion and love these pseudo nationals have for these terrorists and criminals. Where is the consciousness of these selfish leaders when the guard was killed by these terrorists by slitting his throat. It has become a fashion now to be on the side of terrorists, anti-nationals, may be they get a good media coverage. If somebody speaks for India, what is there? There is nothing great but if you speak against India or in favour of enemy country, which is inflecting wounds and deaths to our soldiers and civilians, day in and day out, it becomes news. Moreover they get prominence in Pakistan media and hit the headlines of the Pakistani print and electronic media.
Recently when the surgical strikes were carried out by India, Congress and Kejriwal led AAP immediately doubted and raised suspicious and the next day it was lead news in the print media of Pakistan on the front pages. What the Pakistan should have questioned is being refuted by our own so called countrymen not less than the Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. It seems as if they are the paid agents of Pakistan or ISI like separatists or Terrorists, otherwise what prompted Congress to say “Khoon Ki Dalali” on surgical strikes. They forget that they exist only when Nation exists.
I would like to ask these pseudo leaders where were they when 18 soldiers were martyred in Uri sector. The credentials of AAP party are itself doubtful. It has come to power in Delhi by default, proxy and cheating on cheap public gimmick. AAP is just one more political party with an aim of coming to power, compromising all values and principals on which it was formed. An interesting feature with the Delhi government is that the Kejriwal is without any portfolio and only job is, to side with anti-nationals or criticise the Govt. on one pretext or the other with out any proof or evidence. AAP has an advantage of Delhi Police not under their control and that is why he is calling shots at the centre. Had it been under Delhi Govt. he would have faced the music.
The entire opposition seems to have no issue on which they can ghearo Modi Govt. that is why they are creating /raising those issues which are non -existent. Both the Congress and AAP and almost entire opposition are playing dirty politics of Vote Bank and appeasement policy. They are taking up issues of terrorists and anti-nationals but no body takes up the issue of Kashmiri Pandits and their massacre in the valley , land of aborigines and had become refugees in heir own country. No body dares or want to make these hapless KPs settle in their land of birth.
Earlier also when a suspicious Pakistani fishing boat intercepted by the Coast Guard and navy in the Arabian sea exploded and sank after its crew set fire to it. Indian Coast Guard ships and navy aircraft tried to intercept the boat near the India-Pakistan maritime boundary, about 365 km from Porbander in Gujarat.The suspicious crew then hid themselves below the deck and set the vessel on fire, resulting in an explosion and a major fire. All the pseudo nationals raised questions on the issue and sought proof and evidence as well videographer of the scene. They raise human rights of terrorists, separatists and anti -nationals but are mute to the cry and sufferings of KPs in valley. They are also silent on the Chhitisinghpora carnage of Sikhs in which 36 Sikhs were massacred. They have proved worst kind of hypocrites.
At the end I am to say that the entire nation is watching how the opposition is behaving and compromising with the security and integrity of the country just for the sake of criticising the government forgetting the fact that it is the government of India representing 125 crores of Indians and not of a BJP party. They must remember that they exist only when nation exists. I hope that the nation will get consolidated and befitting reply will be given to those who advocate anti-nationalism and support them like JNU or similar issues, who are the real enemies of India. It is easy to fight outside enemy as compared to within.
(The writer is a Social Activist)

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