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Tripple Talaq, a view point

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 Prof. Kali Dass
To eradicate the Tripple Talaaq is appreciable!
But what about the deplorable conditions of Hindu Naris in Hindu religious books?
Looking through the prism of relations Mother relation / Sister relation / Daughter relation / Wife relation is a must!!
Centre Govt. has opposed the Tripple Talaaq in the Apex Court by submitting an affidavit in Oct. 2016 bringing for Non-discrimination, dignity and equality among Muslim women in the country; is the most welcoming step. Why muslim clergies and Muslim leaders are opposing it is beyond the thought of a normal human being. Should we not respect our mothers, sisters, daughters & wives should there be any discrimination on the basis of gender. The same woman who has given birth to a man is so much inferior and of less value to the same man. Had there been no women (OR the opposite sex) in the world what men could do and how they could run the world. The same woman who gives birth, feeds, tries her level best to transform this child into a complete human being is so worthless. This is very strange and not acceptable in the society on the name of religion. Who thinks so wants to keep himself free for sexual relations with any one as and when desires. On the name of religion such an act is unacceptable.
Besides, Modi Govt. is very serious over the tripple Talaaq but never uttered and condemned the versions written in the so called Hindu Books like “Dhole – Ganwar – Shuder – Pashu – Nari Yeh Sab Tadan Ke Adhikari” What it means that in a free country with its own constitution; Naris are still meant only to be beaten and such version which was needed to be scraped is still in the Hindu Religious books. What Tulsi Dass wrote, you could not dare to erase from the so called Religious books. Modi Govt. should be serious over the rape cases and culprits in the first hand should be hanged but no such rule is there inspite of a thumping majority.
Women are being treated as the machines to give birth to the children and otherwise they have been kept slaves since the dawn of this world. Now is India; where gender discrimination on the name of religion which had there been no Indian constitution has been written by Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, you could not see any lady in the country at the highest post like PM which was occupied by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, President Post which was occupied by Mrs. Partbha Patel. At present CMs of four states Tamil Naidu, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Jammu & Kashmir are only due to the Indian Constitution which not only allows the women for education but also the shudras which were otherwise banned by the Chaturverna System in the country and 100% Reservation in Education, Ruling Rights & ownership of land and business was the monopoly of a microscopic number of so called upper caste. Who write such Religious books for the self interests.
So Centre Govt. in General and Hon’ble P.M in particular must have to re-look into the religious books where whole hindu women are dis-respected besides the Shudras and the programmes being launched for women empowerment. Beti Padao & Beti Bachao do not stand on the concrete base for the upliftment of the women. So erase of such so called version is a must to respect mothers, sisters, daughters & wives.
It is the time to look through the prism of Relations of a mother, relation of a sister, relation of a daughter and relation of a wife.
Women of the country in General are also appealed to have a logical and scientific thinking after receiving highest qualifications. If they (women) adopt the old traditions / customs and culture without going into any logical; then it is difficult to say that they are educated. In this case they can be highly qualified but not educated and there exploitation will continue. So it is only the women power which can stop the women exploitation in the country by their scientific minds & logical thinking rather than by their Aastha (faith) over things which are clearly visible against them on the name of culture and religions.

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