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Promoting Organic Farming

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Government has been promoting organic farming in the country since 2015-16 through the schemes of Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana (PKVY) and Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North Eastern Region (MOVCDNER). Both the schemes stress on end to end support to farmers engaged in organic farming i.e. from production to processing, certification and marketing and post harvest management support including processing. PKVY is being implemented in all the States other-than North Eastern States, across the country. Moreover scheme is implemented exclusively in the NE States. Under PKVY, farmers of various states of the country are provided financial assistance of Rs 50000/ha for 3 years whereas under MOVCDNER, an assistance of Rs. 46,575/ha for 3years is provided for creation of FPO, support to farmers for organic inputs, quality seeds/ planting material and training, hand holding and certification. Since 2015-16, an area of 11.85 lakh ha has been brought under organic farming through PKVY scheme and Government also intends to another 6.00 lakh ha area to organic through PKVY during the period from 2022-23 to 2025-26. The State-wise details of area under organic farming reported under National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) during 2014-15 is given at Annexure- I. PKVY scheme for organic farming was launched in 2015-16 and state-wise and year-wise details of area added to organic farming through PKVY scheme since 2015-16 is at Annexure-II.
Under PKVY, farmers of various states of the country are provided financial assistance of Rs 50000/ha for 3 years out of which, Rs 31000/ ha / 3 years is provided directly to farmers through DBT for on-farm and off-farm organic inputs. Financial assistance of Rs 20 lakh/ cluster of 1000 ha for 3 years are provided for value addition and infrastructure creation. Under the scheme assistance is provided @ Rs 7500/ha for 3 years for training and capacity building whereas, Apart from this, Rs 2700/ha for 3 years is provided for certification and residual analysis. Under MOVCDNER, there is provision of financial assistance of Rs 10000/ha for 3 years for training, handholding and ICS documentation and farmers are provided assistance @ Rs 32500/ ha for 3 years for off farm /on -farm organic inputs. Under the scheme need based assistance is provided for various component namely Integrated Processing unit @ Rs. 600 lakh, Collection, aggregation and grading unit @ Rs. 10.00 lakh, Integrated Pack house @ Rs 37.50 lakh, Refrigerated vehicle @ Rs 18.75 lakh, Pre-cooling, cold stores, ripening chambers @ 18.75 lakh and Transportation / 4 wheeler @ Rs 6.00 lakh.

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