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Make Jammu neat, clean and green

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G L Khajuria

Oft-repeatedly, it has been in regular columns of dailies, weeklies and other prints-medias regarding garbage piling up everywhere and every now and then and as a corollary, the complaints column is flooded with ever-increasing malice in and around Jammu, a city of temples and elsewhere also the situation is likewise same. This way, the life has become totally unhygienic and there is cruelty amongst stray cattle who subsist upon the rotten polythene garbage and waste refuse of banquet halls and other unhygienic dumping.
It is disgusting rather dismaying that this unhygienic scenario is aggravating and tantamount to multiple diseases gripping the rural populace as well. And still sad is the way in which the innocent stray animals feed upon these dead and thrown out stuffs from the ceremonial occasions of various hues. Over the years, polythene culture in most of the states including that of ours was completely banned but his practice continues as ever before. Imagine the eating up of garbage along with other polythene by stray cattle, which over the past few years have taken a heavy toll of cattle population. This is grave tragedy and warrants immediate aversion. The people, even those deemed to be much civilized have forgotten the civic sense and throw away the rotten stuff on the road side alongside nallahs, instead of putting these in municipal bins. The menace has engulfed almost all inhabiting areas in and around Jammu city, leaves aside posh colonies like Gandhi Nagar, Trikuta Nagar etc. The Jammu Muncipality is endeavouring hard in conducting trails /survey to make this city of temples neat, clean and green by keeping the garbage-bins in almost all the locations yet we Jammuites should apply our senses and lend a helping hand to the authorities concerned for the rational disposal of garbage. This menace has mostly been emanating for the last few decades with ever escalating ceremonial functions like marriages, mundans, Naamkarn and the like with new names and fames. This is newly born culture preferably amongst rich elites so to be nomenclaturised as ‘Neo-Rich’. In such a fashion show, the less privileged common man has to bear the brunt against extravagant expenditure which is beyond his limits.
In other words round, it tantamount to mere wastage of the wide-variety of stalls displayed beyond expected menu. All these factors are responsible for accumulation or pilling up garbage thus providing a multi-magnitude of ailments. The rotten breads, the hovering of flies, mosquitoes and breeding bacterias to the extent of dengue fever are directly or indirectly going to inflict the exposed eatables viz sweet shops and the like causing gastro-intestinal and other ailments and that is why the hospitals, other nursing centres are flooded with patients. As per record, there are more than 1500 “Safikaramcharis” in Jammu Municipality. Though the strength is low for a bigger city like Jammu with a population over ten lakhs or so. The number need to be raised and they should energize their efforts for the cleansing operation. Not only that, the public should realized and join hands with the authorities concerned in making Jammu city neat , clean and green. This is the call of the hour and let it become a slogan ‘Make Jammu neat clean and green.’
Suggestive measure:- Hygienic dumping and disposal:- Arguably, it is no doubt a denying the fact that ceremonial functions such as marriage, birthday, Mundan etc all are celebrated with much fan and fare but when the function is over, the waste refuse should be very a rationally disposed off. In order, therefore , we are to extend an helping hand towards the concerned authorities, so that such waste material is not haphazardly dumped and it is finally disposed of properly. Aversion of polythene culture:- Over the years, there had been lot of hue and cry regarding blanket ban on polythene culture but its spirit and sanctity has not been carried out fully. The scenario still seems to be there as ever before. Though in HP including most of the other hill tourist spots of our state, the civic scenerr has been applied and tourism deptt have perhaps played a vital role in this behalf.
Massive afforestation:- Avenue plantation, a component of aboriculture need to be encouraged so as to provide greenery and delimitate the emission of prisoners gases as plants and trees are in variably the lunges which absorb Co2. Here, the forest department is rendering Yeoman’s service but other sister departments viz Agriculutre, Horticulture should also come forward as vast areas avenue lands and other wastelands, institutions, health centres, offices and so many other suchlike areas are available. This shall provide extensive greenery to this city of temples giving a picturesque look to the locals and boost tourism as well. Boosting floriculture: There are plenty of park areas in and around Jammu city, apart from the avenue bunds and dividers. No doubt, some efforts have however, been made but these need to be invigorated by raising turfs so that these give carpet-type look, coupled with ornamental plants creepers, flowers such as roses both locals as well as exotic. There is a vide variety of roses and its hybrids varying from the tiny cri-cri to argue blooms of American heritage and from the soft translucent pink of Michele Mainland to the brilliant vermillion of super star. Among other flowering plants include gladiolus, chrysanthemums, carnations, daffodils, Ranunculus, dahlis/Lilties, Tulips, etc and so far as climbers and creepes are concerned these include Bougainvilleas, clerodendron, begonia, Jasminum, etc. Making river Tawi healthy, With exploding population face to face with increase in number of vehicles, there is ever-amounting rush of heavy vehicles for cleansing in the only river Tawi. The practice should be lawfull averted and defaulters brought to book. Apart from this, every sort of filth being dumped into the river thereby making it filth reddened. This as well warrants a complete check to restore back to its pristine glory and grandeur. Managing the canals and other water bodies: On the same analogy, these as well-warrant proper maintenance and cleanliness. All Jammuites should launch a mass campaign for its cleanliness and the concerned agencies together with NGOs and all citizens shall have to extend full support. Conclusively, therefore, it is added over here that it is incumbent upon every citizen of Jammu to apply there civic scene ad at the same time make all out efforts to ensure Jammu city neat, clean and green. It is mandatory on the part of every citizen. So, let us pledge to facelift Jammu to captivate and attract the pilgrims and visitor alike this will promote local tourism and boosting the local economy.

(The author is former Deputy Conservator of Forests, J&K).

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