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Power of casting the vote

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Dear Editor,
One of the biggest blessings to be an Indian today is to have been empowered with the constitutional right to vote, the power to give mandate as the citizen of one of the world’s largest democracies. And, for the largest democracy like India, it is firstly, casting of the vote by all of its lawful citizens bestowed with this power, and secondly, to have them cast it in favour of the right candidate, that strengthens and nurtures its democratic fabric and foundation.
Vote we all must, just as we must send our children to school to get them educated, liberated and polished in all respects. Similarly, to vote for the right candidate and the party is to ensure by all respects that the future of our children, our country and countrymen is in the safe hands. And, who in their right senses would not want this, if all it takes is just casting one’s vote and feeling the power this constitutional right gives you?’
If the candidate / party that you had earlier voted for did come to power and made a worthwhile difference in your life and the world around you, you rightly deserve a pat on the back. However, if blaring horns of the party promises faded away after elections, it’s high time to ‘kick’ yourself into introspection and see things from a whole new perspective again. ‘Voting responsibly’ is not a new mantra, but something that must be taken seriously by all, in the right and conscious spirit and education.
It goes without saying that liberated mind and a free spirit in a democratic set up are the pre-requisites for a wise voter who needs to rise above religious, cast, cultural, ethnic dogmas and differences to allow the right candidate to come to power and to fulfil aspirations of all citizens, to create the history of our nation written in golden words.
The Golden Bird’s glorious status cannot continue to be an elusive holy grail, but rather an attainable possibility, if all of us unite to vote and vote wisely, for our destiny depends upon it!
S. S Sodhi

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