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PM alone not to blame

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Dear Editor,
Criticism of Modi is justified because of monumental mismanagement of currency flow post-demonetisation. But look at the flip side. The black economy has been growing exponentially over the last 45 years. Has any government done anything to control its growth? Has any critic given an alternative suggestion to arrest this growth while criticising the PM? In other words, are we indirectly standing on the side of black money holders? That is why the common man is still in praise of the PM, in spite of all the hardships. Demonetisation is a case of a good idea but poorly executed scheme; like prohibition in 1996 in Haryana, attack on Bhindranwale in 1984 and family planning during the Emergency. These decisions should be announced after all preparations have been made in advance, otherwise it could lead to disastrous results. Remember the impromptu statement made by Nehru that led to the Chinese attack on Indian borders in 1962? An identical mistake has been committed by the present PM. The question is, is it not our moral duty to assist the programme of unearthing black money stock? Why only blame the PM for this fiasco? Only the Bihar CM has shown the guts to support demonetisation.
Ram Niwas Malik,

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