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Disruption to comforts-judge on demonetisation

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Mahadeep Singh Jamwal

Much has been spoken and written on demonetisation by various columnists in many news papers with regard to its merits and demerits, about the way of its implementation, highlighting the sufferings faced by the common man. It remained a topic occupying national TVs twenty four by seven and occupying much space on print media as well as social media. There surfaced verbal attacks (routine of our politicians) in treasury and opposition benches disrupting the proceedings in both houses of the democracy putting the country to approximately Rs 20 crore loss on daily basis, but none from the political fraternity ever visioned as to what the other nations are observing from the situation arising out of demonetization and the reaction of the common mass and political parties. If we closely analyse we will realise that we are exposing ourselves by exhibiting our reactions and intolerance without analysis in real perspective. The treasury benches are busy in working and announcing daily sops clearly exhibiting that it lacks home work, whereas the opposition is hell bent to accuse the government for leaking the move to accommodate its well wishers to adjust their black money and the way it is implemented on ground, where by common man has to shed its all daily routines to queue for a meager exchange of money for their daily survival. The denial mood of the PM to be present in the Parliament during debate on demonetisation, rocking the country for the last two weeks as one shot by the opposition is also viewed by the public with different angels and largly it is murmured as rigidity by the PM and it is not giving a healthy message across the country about the democratic set up. What we may say, it is a real fact that the implementation process has brought lot of sufferings to the people having their legitimate earnings. The dual standard of reporting by different TV channels as per their political connections was contributing a lot to mislead the viewers on the motive of the demonetisation thus putting them in jeopardy.
In the given situation a thoughtful write by Brig P Satish (Retd) appeared on my WhatsApp group “We for You”, forwarded by Dr. KK Kudyar. Realising the best use of social media I feel, this posting deserve to be put into the public domain and into the knowledge of politicians and commentators on the demonetization for a realization on the situation and its impact on making the opinion by our adverse countries, before speaking and demonstrating, and it goes as ;
“Wake up India. Your enemies are watching you squirm and crib at every hardship you face. Our enemies, especially China and its side kick Pakistan, are watching with extreme interest, at the way some of our mainstream politicians and their foot soldiers are complaining and opposing any action of the government for the national good. They are assessing your psyche as a nation. Take it straight, we come across as a very soft nation, where the slightest inconvenience to our daily routine unsettles us and we hit the social media with bizarre allegations. Our enemies must be thrilled and our friends around the globe must be rather amused that this is a country, which can not suffer any disturbance to their comfortable existence. Now if our enemies were to start a war on us which results in death, devastation and total destruction of lives, no railways, no metros, no ATMs and rationed food. We have our politicians going to town to wave a white flag instead of defending the nation at any cost. That’s because we as a country, especially the self serving politicians, would rather malign ourselves than be resolute in fighting till the last man, last round, the way the Communists did this in 1962, when the Chinese attacked us. They faulted the government of the day for inviting the wrath of Mao’s country. What a shame. The slight disruption to our comforts life, due to demonetisation, has shouted at from the roof tops of mainstream political party offices and with childish antics of a dynastic “Heir Apparent”. Some politicians are behaving like “fifth columnist”, ready to sabotage every genuine effort of the government; where as the common man is braving it out. Damn it all, this is not Modi’s government.
(To be continued)

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