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Despite all hostilities India has never refused to talk to Pakistan and the passing of a resolution by the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Council, urging the Centre to resume talks with Pakistan recently presents two extreme views of the reality. The resolution passed by the State Assembly incidentally was made during the short five-day Monsoon Session from 25th  to 30th August. Consider the circumstances under which the Government of India was forced to call off Foreign Secretary-level talks amid repeated ceasefire violations; it was also evident that these violations were on the rise ever since Imran Khan-led PTI and Tehr-ul Qadri’s movement tried to corner Nawaz Sharif. It was in these circumstances that Pakistan envoy in Delhi went ahead with his meeting with Kashmiri separatists, despite Modi-Government’s clear indications that these meetings wouldn’t be taken lightly. When Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited New Delhi on 26th May, during the oath-taking ceremony of Narendra Modi’s Cabinet, even at that time, despite requests from the Pakistan Government, meetings with Kashmiri separatists were not permitted and Pakistan Prime Minister agreed to go by the wishes of the Indian Government. What had changed that the same government refused to abide by the same advice? Or was it something more than that? Was it that the power strings in Pakistan were being pulled by the army again? If so, then shouldn’t the Government of India have its right to decide what serves national interest best? Moreover, why should a State Government end-up passing resolutions that seemingly sides with those who are anti-nationals? However, it is emphatic that the Simla Accord and Lahore Agreement have to be the basic framework for any constructive talk on Kashmir issue and no third party would be involved. India should bolster its counter-terrorism capabilities. While Modi Government was justified in taking this stand, the J and K State Assembly by passing the resolution stands in direct opposition to the sovereign right of the nation.  Now with constant increase in number of ceasefire violations by Pakistan the State Government needs to explain its stand.

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