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Onus of deteriorated relations with India lies on Pak: Sunil Sethi

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sunil-sethi STATE TIMES NEWS
JAMMU: Pakistan is to be solely blamed for deteriorated relations with India. History is witness that India has always desired peace even at the face of roughness and unreasonable behaviour of Pakistan but it was always returned with escalation of hostilities on borders and within borders of India by supporting militancy and extremists. If today Armies of both countries are face to face in unfriendly atmosphere it is because of unrelenting efforts of Pakistan to create trouble in India.
This was stated by State Bhartiya Janata Party Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi through a handout released here on Tuesday. He said that though we can’t change our neighbourers and have to live with them but the way to deal with them can always be changed as per requirement of containment. If neighbourer is not interested in becoming friend, he should be dealt in the way that his capacity to cause damage is restricted.
Sethi further said that Pakistan can’t be allowed an open playfield in India for its anti human militant activities and India exercised its legitimate right of surgical strikes to ensure destruction of all modules of destruction for India so that common man in India can live in peace without fear of being victim of Pakistan sponsored militancy while moving on road or while working or staying home. He said that demand of leaders from Kashmir or elsewhere regarding talks with Pakistan at this juncture is against the national interest. “Nobody should expect India to be forced to talks by such public rants for pitty political gains. Talks to be effective can only be held when atmosphere is created for same. It is very clear from history that process of talks have always been used by Pakistan to regroup and increase hostilities. Talks with Pakistan should take place only after it is made to realise that peace is the only way and war and hostility with India will only ensure destruction of Pakistan,” he added.

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