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Omar’s remarks on J&K’s Accession is a white lie: BJP

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JAMMU: Condemning the statement of Omar Abdullah that J and K’s Accession to India is conditional, BJP State Spokesperson and State Election Incharge Arun Kumar Gupta said that the statement of Omar is nothing but a white lie.
Omar Abdullah is deliberately misleading the innocent people of the State for petty political gains, he said and added that J and K is an integral part of India as enshrined in the Constitution of J&K as well as the constitution of India.
He further said that the Instrument of Accession (IOA) signed by Maharaja Hari Singh of J&K on 26th October 1947 as required by the Indian Independence Act 1947, was identical to the ones signed by the similarly placed rulers of the other princely states. It’s a fact that the Maharaja also addressed a letter to the Governor General of India along with the IOA. However, the letter did not contain any additional terms and conditions other than specified in the Instrument of Accession.
Maharaja simply tried to explain reasons for his delayed decision and special circumstances that led to his finally signing the IOA.
Thus the statement made by Omar Abdullah that the accession was conditional is far from truth and only a petty political gimmick. His assertion that he has repeatedly maintained the same stance on the subject does not erase the historical facts. Gupta further said that in order to cover up the utter failure of his government during the past six years and the poor performance of his party in the last parliamentary elections coupled with groundswell of public anger has resorted to misleading the people by twisting historical facts. Omar Abdullah is well advised to see the writing on the wall and concede defeat rather than arousing the passion of the people through misleading and false statements.

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