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Natrang presents play Hangama Ho Gaya

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JAMMU: Natrang presented a hilarious play ‘Hangama Ho Gaya’ on Sunday in its weekly Sunday Theatre Series. The play has been written by Ashok Mishra and directed by Neeraj Kant. The play opens at the residence of a wealthy man ‘Chaggu Mal’ who had advertised for a suitable match for his only daughter and he had organised an interview for the same.
Looking at the lucrative prospect, a huge crowd gathers at his gate and most of them had arrived because of sheer greed without even looking at their own eligibility of being the prospective groom for a girl of that much caliber.
The situation becomes even more dramatic when a number of people add to the crowd without even knowing the purpose.
The heartbeat of ‘Chaggu Mal’ fastens as all of them were without any worth, every new person entering the interview room adds on to his tension and palpitation. The prospective grooms were also shown in a caricature manner where they had dramatic flaws which made audience laugh and create situation and unavoidable comedy in the play.
After a long and hard day, dealing with the meaningless and tiring interviews, ‘Chaggu Mal’ receives shocking news that the daughter for which he was looking a match and went through all this trouble, had already selected her life partner and informs him through a letter about her decision to marry him.
Natrang actors who performed in the play included Rishabh Sharma, Shivam Singh, Gautam Sharma, Gautam Kumar, Arpan Parihar, Mohit Koul and Kuldeep Angral. Lights were operated by Neeraj Kant and the show was coordinated by Sumeet Sharma. Meenakshi Bhagat did the presentations.

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