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Narendra Modi: Most sought after in Pakistan, eyesore for ‘some’ back home

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What an irony! Despite being the most sought after world leader in economically wreck and psychologically bankrupt Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is menacingly becoming an eyesore for a chronic section of compatriots back home.
Pakistanis say ‘Hame Modi Chahiye’ but some Indians yell ‘Modi Teri Kabar Khudeghi’. A day before facing a no-confidence vote in Pakistan National Assembly, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said no power can dictate terms to India because of Modi’s foreign policy and Rahul Gandhi cries democracy gone in Lok Sabha days before being expelled as Member Parliament.
‘Hamen Modi mil jaaye bas,’ say Pakistani citizens in viral videos as Islamabad spirals into the worst kind of economic mayhem but some political adversaries raise slogans ‘Mar Ja Modi’.
This is the truth of India. This is the depth of Indian opposition. This is the ‘Hate Modi Toolkit’ designed somewhere by enemies of the nation and implemented by the adversaries of the Prime Minister in their desperation to get away from the power corridors. Having lost the sense of entitlement, the elite Indian politicians can go to any extent because of hatred for Narendra Modi. They will not even desist from unleashing a public relations campaign for China by belittling India and undermining the valour of Indian armed forces. They will blindly believe what the establishments in China, Pakistan or other inimical countries say about India. They are not peeved just because of being rejected by the electors but due to Modi’s efforts of reviving Indian heritage and culture. They are pained over the great Indian renaissance. They feel uncomfortable in Sanatanis getting together and becoming stronger. The government in New Delhi might have changed but the Congress mindset of ‘Minorities first right on Indian resources’ remains intact.
That the Sanatanis are asserting their identity is somehow painful for the pseudo seculars and Marxists, who have ganged up against their own country.
The global scenario is, however, different. The world now knows the power India yields. The international community sees hope and promise in Narendra Modi-be it combating pandemic or be it seeking solutions to vexed global issues like the Ukraine conflict. This is the power of India that the worst critic of Prime Minister Modi, New York Times, in its March 18, 2023 opinion column by Nicholas Kristof, cautions…’He’s the World’s Most Popular Leader. Beware’. He says with approval ratings in India of about 78 per cent, Modi is far and away the most popular major leader in the world, according to ‘Morning Consult’. Remember, New York Times is a chronic Modi basher, which has not been concealing its anti-India mindset but making it known as well.
As per WION tweet “#Gravitas! The New York Times @nytimes is looking for a correspondent in India. The person must be anti-establishment, anti PM@narendramodi, must paint India in a bad light in every story. This job description reads like an op-ed names PM Modi@Palkisu calls out NYT”. And the US newspaper gratefully carries the articles from Indian including Jammu and Kashmir which paint Modi in a very bad light.
On the contrary, a popular Pakistani YouTuber says ‘that Pakistanis don’t want the likes of Nawaz Sharif, Benazir Bhutto, Imran Khan or even the late General Pervez Musharraf to lead the country while adding that Prime Minister Modi is a great man. The Pakistani youngster added that Modi can deal with all the mischievous elements in the country. The gentleman also stated that India is the fifth largest economy globally whereas Pakistan stands nowhere.’ Not only a common citizen, Shahzad Chaudhry, a noted political, security, and defence analyst, writing in The Express Tribune, called India a preferred destination for all investors. The writer further reiterated that India has, under the chairmanship of PM Modi, established its own domain on the foreign policy front. India is also a big producer of agricultural products and the IT industry, Chaudhry noted in his column, adding that “in agriculture, their yields per acre are comparable to the best in the world and despite being a country of over 1.4 billion people, it remains a relatively steady, coherent and functional polity”.
The uprising in Pakistan after the economic disaster is an eye opener for all those myopic Indians, who for their political interests sacrifice the national pride and Sanatani ethos. (To be continued)

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