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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s  successful poll mantra  last year   that went  viral Abki Baar Modi Sarkar looks  has crossed the proverbial seven seas and  has  found a new proponent in British Prime Minister David Camron who has discovered a new language to address Indian voters  in UK. While crisscrossing the country in a frantic election campaign Cameron was asked by a TV channel if there  was anything he would like  to tell voters of Indian origin, he was spontenous and replied Phir Ek Baar, Cameron Sarkar it  was a take-off from Modi mantra. Not only this the British PM is  impressed by  Indian counterpart’s 3D  holograms used during  election  campaign. And he plans to use it in few days. It would be for the first time  Indian election campaign by a Hindu party as seen by the West would be seeing the global application. The change in poll tactics by British PM comes after the Conservative Party released a song in Hindi: ‘Aasman Neela Hai’ (the sky is blue). He also  spoke  about British  ethnic  voices finding  increasing space in Parliamnet, police  and other wings of governance. Not only this Cameron  said Britain  takes India seriously and expects Modi  factor would be furthering bilateral  relations. It  looks Modi affect is slowly  seeping  into the Western governments. The key is to run  the country  and the election campaign  which is an attribute  of Modi Sarkar’s clear  plan of governance and people and parties at home even are coming to realise. Cameron’s out reach  is to the large segment of Indian voters especially those from  Gujarat  who campaigned  for Modi at home also. The charismatic  Lok Sabha elections  out come had  propelled Bharatiya Janata Party  from second fiddle  to single largest party ousting the traditional rival and at that time ruling party Congress which remained at the hustings for six decades.  This could be the main factor for the Western politicians to follow Modi mantra  for political success.

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