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Military Seizes Kashmir

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The pseudo custodians of Kashmiriayat have been harping over military seizure of Kashmir by Indian forces for over half a century. Across party lines those in opposition have been ruing over the atrocities of the ‘draconian’ forces imposed on the ‘peace loving’ Kashmiris who only indulged in peaceful stone pelting causing isolated deaths and only injuries otherwise. They took to arms to promote peace and drove out six lakh original habitants of ancestral and heredity claim on every inch of Kashmir, inflicting monstrous death and dishonour. They slit throats beyond communal considerations and outraged women ‘peacefully’ to carry out a holy war.
The so called moderates and the main stream stalwarts in power, or aspirants of it, vowed to “obliterate foot prints of Indian Armed Forces from Kashmir”, repeal their powers, push them out of habitated areas, get their shelters vacated knowing that they had come from various parts of the country only to ‘help and protect Kashmir’. Some vocal militancy appeasers (called OGWs) started organised campaigns to malign the armed forces by false allegations, absurd public ridicule and propaganda to damage their honour and worldwide fame of bravery, ethics, compassion and righteousness.
Now when the State Government machinery has completely crumpled under the pressure of an unprecedented natural calamity it is the same Indian Armed Forces which have taken over the rescue operatins. Almost 47,000 rescued in some 280 air sorties by 48 airplanes/ helicopters. The victims being cared for by 65 medical teams and a fresh satellite communication system network being put in place to connect the marooned ‘heaven on earth’. Many of the all told 6,000 troops employed have similar disasters facing their own families, back home; and they understand that ‘Kashmir’ part of J and K may still not value their sacrifices.
Is it militarisation, political, humanitarian or a national solution Mr CM?

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