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Dear Editor
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while referring to Russia, was perfectly justified when he said that one old friend is better than two new friends. It is noteworthy that, after India getting close to the US in recent times, Pakistan had somewhat been successful in getting closer to Russia. But Russia has traditionally been a sincere friend of India.
It has always stood by our side in hours of crises. Russia proved its trustworthiness in the 1971 India-Pakistan War, when it moved its naval warship to help India on eastern borders after the US sent its warship to assist Pakistan.
After signing big defence deals, India can seek assistance from Russia to fight terrorism. Russia will gladly agree to assist India in such operations to show its strength in comparison to the US, which carried out an operation to eliminate Osama bin Laden. The US cannot be expected to assist India in any such operation against Pakistan, at least till there is a change in government there. The US always maintains a ‘balance’.
S. C Agrawal
New Delhi

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