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Know about marvelous cholesterol checking foods

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      Prof. Dr R. D Gupta 

According to Hippocrates, the father of medicines, there are certain foods by the regular use of which heart diseases can be controlled. Similarly, high intake of some foods may lesson the risk of developing cancer, provided appropriate measures and proper cares are taken into account. Not only this some people including women are advised to eat vegetables, fruits, milk, other nutritious foods for enabling them to render free from osteoporosis, anaemia and other diseases. The present write up, however, relates to a variety of foods which can assist in checking the cholesterol.
Vegetables: Use of vegetables is very important as they mostly serve as ‘Protective Foods’. It is attributed to as consumption of vegetables appears to reduce the risk of elevated blood pressure, whereas intake of meat raises the risk. The protective values of vegetables are mainly confined to their high amount of vitamins and minerals.
Vegetables especially green leafy vegetables such as kidney beans, green beans and green grams are rich source of proteins as well as other nutrients, which are responsible to enhance resistance to diseases and interrupt the diet related chronic diseases. Such diseases are hypertension cardio vascular diseases, diabetes etc. Kidney bean is rich in cholesterol lowering fibre. This is what keeps the blood sugar levels rising rapidlyafter a meal. It also contains B-Vitamin complex. Leafy greens being rich source of Vitamin E retard Vitamin A activity, prone to heart diseases, slow blood clotting. Taking of dry coriander with a glass of water in the morning has been found useful in controlling cholesterol. Similarly use of isbagol daily helps in reducing LDL harmful component. Tomatoes contain lycopene which is said to lower heart disease risk. it is also a source of beta and alpha carotene.
Fruits: Like vegetables, consumption of fruits also seems to reduce the risk of elevated blood pressure as well as hypertension and cardio vascular disease. Use of apple has been useful for checking cholesterol. Loaded with vitamins and fibre, an apple a day can help keep heart disease away. The phyto chemical quercetion present in apple is an antioxidant with anti inflammatory properties that prevents the formation of blood clots checking cholesterol. It should therefore, be taken twice or thrice daily during the season when it is sufficiently available during its peak season. Infact, soluble fibres present in the apple fruit can bring down the cholesterol level LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein). Besides bringing down the level of cholesterol eating of apple also helps to build the bones and to regulate the blood sugar. However, the patients suffering from diabetes must consult their doctors prior to taking apples in their foods. During summer use of lemon (Nimbu), dry plum and peach soaked in water have also found useful in reducing cholesterol. Grape fruit can be effective in reducing high levels of cholesterol. Eating half a grape fruit thrice a day before meals can help in fighting life style obesity besides high blood pressure. Orange is sour-sweet fruit, it is rich source of tartaric acid, which has proved useful for heart patients and diabetic patients.
Dry Fruit Nuts: Nuts are the best complete food as they contain vegetable protein, carbohydrates, fat, minerals, vitamins, fibre but are free from cholesterol. Among the minerals, magnesium, calcium and iron are the most prominent. Nuts also contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids and very less those of saturated ones. Almonds rich in Vitamin E and heart favourable mono and polyunsaturated fats check cholesterol level.
Fibrous Grains: Among the cereals, barley and wheat are the most important, which are known to have high amount of fibres and as such help in reducing the cholesterol content of blood of patients afflicted with heart troubles. Presence of high amount of fibre in the barley is known to assist in lowering down the level of LDL. Barley also contains vitamin B complex and magnesium. Magnesium is good for bone formation. Bread made of fibrous coarse grains like wheat and wheat grains in the form of Dalia, have also found beneficial for preventing cholesterol.
Fish: If non-vegetarians take fresh trout fish or any other kind of fish at least twice in a week. It is because special kind of oil known as omega fish oil-30, is present in the fish which helps to reduce the cholesterol. However, the people suffering from gouts and arthristis should take fish in consultations with their family doctors. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon fish keep both blood clots and inflammation at bay, and help maintain healthy cholesterol level.
Foods of Animal Origin: Although milk has been considered a complete food owing to presence of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins for maintaining good health yet it has now been refuted by an eminent cardiologist Dr J.S.P Sahani. According to Dr Sahani who was working in the prestigious Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, cattle’s milk which was once considered as an indispensable component of health promoting diet, was a major cause of heart attack. It is because milk is high in cholesterol, animal protein and lactose responsible for the prevalence of cardiovascular disease in the country despite the fact that majority of the population was vegetarian.
According to Dr Oirish of the University of California at San Francisco, meat and animal products are full of fat and cholesterol which cause obesity, heart attack, cancer, strokes and other diseases. Not only this beef and chicken in high in compounds that directly increase cancer risk. Fish is often highly contaminated with mercury dioxin and other chemical toxins that can collect in the body and cause cancer and other diseases. Vegetarian foods on the other hand are typically low in fat and have no cholesterol, they have all the nutrients a person needs. Vegetables are rich sources of vitamins and minerals also.
In light of the above, people afflicted with heart problems, should take milk and its products in consultation with family doctors.
Use of Whole Grain Food Products: Replace fine wheat flour (maida) products with whole grains i.e; whole wheat soybean breads etc, as these have a good amount of fibre. Fibre helps in binding cholesterol which ultimately assists in less production of bad cholesterol. Whole grains foods like oat meal, bran, wheat germ and brown rice, are all good sources of fibre. To much fibre may cause loose sloods so you have monitor your individual intake accordingly. Medically, approximately 25g of fibre day-1 is enough to help for maintenance of digestive system. Oat whole grain food is super rich in vitamins minerals and fibre and as such it reduces cholesterol.
Use of Different Saag Vegetables: Saag vegetable belongs to a number of families and evry saag has various characteristic and medicinal values. As for example, juice of Kulfa saag is proved beneficial to patients suffering from blood pressures. Spinach (Palak) is pacted with phyto chemicals, minerals such as iron and calcium and B-complex vitamins which keep eyes healthy and even project against hear disease.
Use of Oils: Besides fish oil, use more oil of olive, ground nut, soybean bean and sunflower to control formation of cholesterol in the liver.

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