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Lotus again bloomed in Hindi Heartland

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Omkar Dattatray

It is a matter of great satisfaction for the BJP and the people who voted for the party in three state assembly elections that the BJP bounced to power by having a landslide victory surprising the poll Pundits and psephologists.BJP won semi-final and set to win final in 2024 .In fact the louts that is the election symbol once again bloomed to the full. .The Modi magic ,charisma ,popularity and guarantee worked wonders and made the thumping majority for the BJP possible despite a tough fight with the congress .The anti-incumbency in Rajasthan and pro-incumbency in Madhya Pradesh proved a boon to BJP and bane to congress which failed to gain power in the three states which went to polls .The poll results of three states are the triumph of good governance ,transparency and the efforts of Atamnirber India .The half of the population being women has by and large voted in favor of the BJP in all three states as the BJP ensured welfare schemes for the women and the women reservation also worked wonders for the BJP .The elections results of three state assemblies also is a sure indication that BJP will bounce back to power in 2024 general elections and thus these elections are the semi-final for 2024 Lok sabha elections .In fact the election results are the reflection of Modi’s guarantees and his charismatic personality .The Modi magic again worked and defeated the Congress and other parties .The election results show that people are impacted by the real guarantees of Modi and they are not now deceived by the empty dreams and illusory promises of the congress. The fact that the Modi has fought from the front and took the leadership of the country in the assembly elections resulted in the historical victory of the BJP. The fact that Modi’s popularity not only in India but also in the world is increasing day by day and all this has led to the victory to BJP in spite of the keen and tough fight. The caste census and the promises of congress have not impacted the mood of the voters and it could not attain success in these polls .The results of the assembly elections are historical and unprecedented and these are the approval of the Modi’s policies ,schemes and welfare programmes and the seasoned voters have voted in favor of the BJP.The voters by and large have accepted the slogan of sabka sath, sabka vikas,sabka vishwas,sabka pryas and the inclusive politics of Modi and the people have voted for the BJP and defeated the congress and other small political parties. People also voted in favor and for the double engine government and have voted enormously for the BJP for delivery of the welfare and pro-poor schemes of the BJP .The Modi wave has once again mesmerized the voters and they have voted in favor of BJP en -mass .It follows that the people have seen their own benefit in voting for the BJP and they regard the victory of BJP as their own triumph .The OBC’s, poor ,marginalized sections ,weaker sections and women have largely voted in favor of BJP in these assembly elections .The Modi charisma and Modi magic has impacted the behavior of the voters and they have voted the BJP to power in the assembly elections .The youth ,women, farmers and the poor have voted in favor of the BJP and these election results are the referendum on the policies ,programmes and the style of the functioning of the BJP .People have voted for inclusive development ,good governance ,transparency ,accountability of the BJP and Modi Government .People have once again shown that they are in favor of the BJP and its style of functioning and delivering the results and thus have they voted for Modi and his BJP .These election results indicate that the Modi will again for the third consecutive term in succession retain power at the centre in the general elections of 2024.These election results will find eco surely in the Lok Sabha polls of 2024 and thus has the BJP took these elections more seriously as they will surely impact and bearing on 2024 general elections .The fact that BJP had fielded strong candidates ,union ministers ,former Chief ministers ,MPs’ and strong legislatures in these assembly polls and thus its policy and strategy has gained .The aggressive campaigning of BJP under the leadership of Modi has led to the triumph of the BJP and the Modi wave has again won before the fight of the INDIA bloc .The BJP has won significantly in the assembly polls because of the discipline and hard work of the booth level and young and senior leaders .As against this the Congress has not been able to wrest power from formidable BJP because of the indiscipline ,factionalism ,groupism of the congress and because of the hard fact that congress is not a cadre based political party .The BJP has won with significant majority but it should not be complacent with the victory but work with re-doubled efforts to gain power at the centre in 2024 elections .The farmers ,youth ,women and marginalized sections of the society take the victory of BJP as their own victory .The PM Modi has rightly said that the poll verdict is the approval of the people for the development plank and transparent policies and welfare schemes of the BJP government. He further said today’s hat-trick ,guarantees hat-trick for 2024 elections .The people have once again reposed trust and confidence in the BJP as they have enormously voted for the saffron party .One of the factors that congress has failed to gain an upper hand in these polls is because the congress leaders and their supporters are continuously disrespecting Sanatan Dhrama and the people have thus taught a lesson to congress that those who disrespect the Hinduism will fail to get power .The fact that the congress in Rajasthan was mired in corruption ,scams and scandals has adversely affected the winning prospects of the congress .The fact that it is the tradition in Rajasthan that the power revolves between the parties in every election and thus at the present it was the turn of the BJP to won power .The anti-incumbency has also worked in Rajasthan and the policies and programmes of Ashok Gaylot have not influenced the voters and it did not turn into votes for congress .Again the fact that the Gaylot government had put the centre policies and welfare schemes in the backyard and had not allowed these to benefit the poor and thus people have taught congress a lesson.
On the whole the congress in Rajasthan ,Chhattisgarh and MP could not impact voters and against this the BJP under the overall leadership of Modi was able to wrest power from congress in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh and retain power in MP as Shiv Raj Singh Chouvan was able to retain power in the state .The BJP was able to make inroad in Telangana where it won merely a single seat. However, Telangana was the only solace for congress where it triumphed. Thus it can be safely and surely said that in the assembly elections the lotus has once again bloomed.
(The author is a columnist,
social and KP activist).

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