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Kashmiri youth supplement Army’s efforts in distributing relief material

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Even as the civil administration failed to rise to the occasion during recent flood havoc in Kashmir, youth of Srinagar demonstrated exemplary courage by coming forward in a big way to supplement the efforts of the army in distribution of relief material among the sufferers.
The huge material brought by Indian Air Force in its transport carriers and stocked at the Srinagar Airport remained undistributed due to non-availability of volunteers for several days.
There was no trace of Jammu Kashmir Police, which is mocked in local parlance as Jao, Piyo, Khaw, a few youngsters motivated by the army plunged into action and took upon themselves the distribution of essentials, mostly food commodities.
This inspired others as a result of which the distribution of relief material turned into a big campaign which is witnessed with envy across the Valley. Eyewitnesses said that even the material distributed by choric secessionist Yasin Malik after ‘stealing the boat’ too was brought in by the armed forces.
To save their faces and to conceal their embarrassment, the separatists like Syed Ali Geelani, Yasin Malik and Shabir Shah were left with no option but to praise the youth, though in the same breath they ‘discredited’ the army for its stupendous task of rescuing flood sufferers, organising medical camps, providing food and lodging facilities etcetera for the people rescued from posh Srinagar localities. A Kashmir watcher described it a normal phenomenon, saying deceit and duplicity has been forte of secessionists. “They stand exposed for treachery and double speak among the people of Kashmir”, he said adding that Geelani and company has mastered in spreading lies and maligning the Indian security forces.
The multiple agencies have done wonders in Kashmir after the catastrophe struck paradise on earth. In all, 89 transport aircrafts of Indian Air Force carried out 1,379 sorties till yesterday while 30,000 troops of the Indian Army remained engaged day and night in evacuating people from the marooned areas. Air Force helicopters relentlessly rescued the people trapped in flood water, which ironically included Syed Ali Geelani also. As it ought to have been, his son has now gone public denying the fact and questioning the authenticity of pictures showing Geelani being escorted to safety. While 2,98,000 litres of safe drinking water was made available to the people, 31,500 food packets, 533 tons of pre-cooked food,  1799 tons of relief material, 8,200 blankets, 1,000 tents were airdropped and made available to the people in need. Besides, four field hospitals were set up at Awantipur, Pattan, Anantnag and Old Airfield, which treated 3,500 people. The Army and the IAS transported 19 tons of medicines. In addition, 250 boats of the army, 150 of NDFC are engaged in rescue operations while 5,700 personnel of Border Roads Organisation worked day and night to restore National Highway for traffic.
In the backdrop of separatists spreading rumours about tourists and employees lodged in the hotels alone were rescued, nobody from among them has an answer as to who rescued 1.30 lakh people during the initial days of floods-an effort which is continuing as of today with numbers having swelled over two lakhs. Those leveling such ridiculous rumours need to understand that the hotels and lodges in Srinagar cannot accommodate more than 30,000 people. Where from the rest population came and what about those who were shown on multiple television channels being rescued?
After Srinagar was brought to near normalcy, the separatists like Geelani and and Shabir Shah have gone on raising rants. They have been talking of providing succor to flood affected people, ignoring the harsh fact of Kashmir based unscrupulous traders indulging in black-marketing and profiteering. What is their take on people carrying out robberies in the abandoned houses, despite these being inundated?
With Kashmir having braved the major brunt of natural disaster, the separatists have started flocking in herds to feed the people with venomous sermons and to spread trail of ties. The unfortunate part of all this is that those talking about high morals and chanting religious sermons are engaged in worst type of double speak. They are set to prove Joseph Goebbels right, who had said decades ago, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”.
Let Geelani, Shah and Malik go around with big lies, the losers will be only innocent people of Kashmir.

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