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Kamal Gupta to sue Rohmetras

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KATHUA:- Kamal Gupta has directed his legal attorneys to file a criminal as well as civil proceeding against S.D Rohmetra and his sons Kamal and Neeraj Rohmetra for publishing a news item against his while he is in peaceful possession of his land and Special Tribunal too had confirmed his right over the land while the case is sub judice in the High Court of Jammu on account of appeal filed by few persons who otherwise do not have any legal right over the land possessed by him. He further added that though Mr. Raj Daluja is my relative, S.D Rohmetra shall have some ethics and refrain from mud slugging on relatives of his competitors.

Raj Daluja editor-in-chief of STATE TIMES, here added that a person who could not spare even two columns of tributes on the death of his mother, on her “UTHALA” or “BARKHI” as no one was there to pay him for the print and professional ethics. He can print pages and pages against his profession rivals out of jealous perhaps due to inferiority complex of being semi literate.


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