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Jammu development takes jet speed, not for Jammuites but Durbar Move ‘guests’

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photo-by-ashok-anand-1 KULDEEP SINGH
JAMMU: The hectic developmental activity in Jammu being carried out by State government since last one week although gives an impression that city is preparing for ensuing festive season with Deepawali, Gurpurab and Christmas knocking the doors but the haste shown by the concerned agencies in giving a quick facelift to the City of Temples is in fact to welcome around 5000 Secretariat employees to this winter capital of State.
The brigade of men deputed by authorities is toiling hard to renovate, repair and refurbish the buildings, roads, pathways, government quarters and what not. Age old practice of Durbar Move between twin capital cities of Jammu and Srinagar involves wastage of lofty amount from the State Exchequer inspite of repeated criticism by various prominent quarters of the society. The practice is going on unabated with no feasible alternative coming to sight so far. The fact which is boggling the minds of Jammuites since years is that how the State Government which otherwise is always facing financial crunch becomes rich overnight every year to face-lift the whole of Jammu in just a couple of days or at the most a fortnight.
The work being done on war footing is so planned that major projects are finished before time and the zeal of state machinery witnessed during this period compels everybody to believe that if willing, the State can do wonders and change the entire spectrum of infrastructure which usually is dilapidated and dismal. The ERA funds, State Treasury, CDFs of MLAs and all other government resources get enriched within no time and free flow of funds becomes apparent to appease the Durbar Move employees. What is more astonishing is docile and sordid contractors of State Government who otherwise never bothered to take initiative come what may, suddenly start showing extraordinary agility these days to carry out development works with exemplary pace and synergy.
Sameer, a businessman in Jewel area who was shocked to see the sea change with roads getting macadamized overnight, while talking to STATE TIMES said that whatever may be the reason but what is good is that the roads which were craving for attention of authorities finally got repaired and people especially shopkeepers have taken a sigh of relief.
Citing Shakespeare’s popular saying, ‘Hasty marriages seldom proveth well’, Amit Kapoor, Proprietor Prem Cloth House, Raghunath Bazaar said that works executed with lightning speed shall not be long lasting and sheen of this hasty development will soon get vanished. He rued that tradition of quick make-up of edifice before the arrival of Durbar Move remained unaltered despite BJP coming to power, which used to vehemently oppose this kind of gesture and grandiose welcome. He said that continuation of this kind of lopsided attitude of authorities which Jammuites are facing since long can further alienate people which is a worrisome phenomenon.
“People here are subjected to torturous dwelling throughout the year with crisis of potable water, power and other basic facilities, and suddenly before the arrival of Durbar, authorities have become proactive to ensure all the basic amenities just to appease Durbar Move employees and to demean the people of this city situated on the hillock at the banks of Suryaputri Tawishi.

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