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Why Jammu based leaders are silent to Kashmir issue?

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Ravinder Jalali

With the statements emanating from different politicians belonging to different political parties with diverse views and agendas, from secular, pseudo secular, nationalist and pseudo nationalists, one thing is getting clear that more mess is added to the complex problem of Kashmir which is in no way any political or any other issue as projected by some political parties but is a communal problem, manufactured by the people and the parties who have vested interests in keeping the pot boiling. Once the pot stops boiling they become redundant and irrelevant. It has become money making machine particularly for separatists and even the so called mainstream politicians. The statements are not only misleading but dangerous which has serious ramifications on the integrity and sovernighty of our nation. But who cares and bothers for nation! The tragedy of the nation is when all India level leaders who take an oath for the preservation and protection of the India, raises controversial issues and obviously gets a pat from the separatists and the people across the border.
The leaders of the Jammu based parties are silent to the statements made by their bosses in Kashmir and do not come out with the rejoinder or contradict the malicious disinformation campaign launched by Kashmir centric politicians. May be the reason that they are not aware of the history and the facts of the Kashmir. Chief Minister Mehbooba says that if security forces would have known that Burhan Wani the blue eyed boy of Kashmir is inside the hideout, we would have given him a safe passage. PDP Minister says that the forces should have allowed him to leave the hideout. The worst is the statement of Dy. Chief Minister that the killing of Burhan was accidental. These are immature and irresponsible statements form the Govt. Have these BJP leaders from Jammu lost their spine and can not hold to position which is pro-Indian, of which they always boast of, and come heavily on the leaders who give pro Pak or Pro-separatist statements. Are they ashamed of criticising those who are finding fault with Indian forces and are silent on the stone pelters.
Senior Congress leader and former Home Minister P.C Chidambram has surprised the nation when he says that there is a need for bigger bargain and pleads for greater autonomy. Another senior leader Jyoitiraj Syndia pleads for plebiscite in Kashmir. National Conference Working President Omar Abdullah wants pre-1953 position restored as it will end the conflict. His statement over the killing of Burhan that it will produce more Burhans is matter of concern as it amounts to encouraging secessionism and glorifying terrorism. Valley based leadership which includes mainstream and separatists have already opposed the setting up of colonies for Kashmiri Pandits and Sainiks in Valley as if it is their personal and private property. I fail to understand that for major period after independence, the Centre and State was ruled by the NC and Congress and if they desired to have some solution for Kashmir, then why did not they apply? How long and how far they will befool the nation.
The more important fact is that the most of our MPs in Lok Sabha may not be aware of the geography, history and culture of Kashmir. First let me put it straight for them that Kashmir is not the entire J and K Sate but is a small part of J and K and does not represent the aspiration of the entire J and K state. The majority of the Indians take Kashmir for J and K as the entire State. The same perception is about the political class of India also other wise the Congress leaders and the left would not have made vague statements. They visit during summer as members of some parliamentary committees and stay for a few days and return Delhi with a lot of free gifts and presents. Moreover it has become a fashion to curse India and show sympathy for the separatists as if they are also on the pay role of Pakistan ands ISI.
Those who talk of Kashmiriyat are again unaware of the Kashmiriyat. The word itself has been polluted and corrupted by the Kashmir centric Muslims and other who do not know anything about Kashmir’s history. Those people who claim to know the Kashmiriyat are also ignorant because when they visit Kashmir to know the Kashmiriyat they are being offered Wazwan and they feel that it is Kashmiriyat. Let it be known to such pseudo historians and the custodians of the Kashmiriyat that it is the Kashmiri Pandits culture which has been prevailing in the Valley for the last more than 5,000 years, actually represents the Kashmiriyat which stands for tolerance, brotherhood and peace. The Kashmiriyat as propagated by the Muslims of valley has nothing to offer as culture as they are for a few hundred years. Kashmiriyat was because of Kashmri Pandits and not by Muslims of Kashmir. It was because of the Kashmiriyat as propagated by the Kashmiri Pandits that enabled Muslims to set foot in Kashmir as a true Kashmiriyat. The Kahmiriyat as advocated by the Kashmiri Muslims has nothing to do with culture. They have given nothing to Valley except loot, rape, arson and terrorism and the last but not the least hounded the KPs from the Valley to convert it into Islamic Valley.
They have converted Kashmir into an Islamic State which was the real aim of the Kashmir centric politicians and leaders irrespective of their ideology. All these parties converge on the single agenda of Islamic state, as it has the sanctions from the faith to which they belong.
It is being project by the Pro-Pak media and the politicians as if innocent people have been killed. They are projecting Wani as an innocent. They don’t have a word of sympathy for the soldiers who have been injured in stone pelting and throwing of petrol bombs. The statement of DG CRPF is also disheartening. He has expressed regret over the use of pellet guns. This is highly humiliating and unprofessional. The statement of the Home Minister that the use of pellet guns will be looked into is also discouraging. The impression has been created by the media who have vested interests, as if the crowd is innocent and peace loving. This is not a peaceful crowd who have suffered. They are well organised groups who are part of terrorist groups who are supported by the Mullahs and Maulivis and trained for stone pelting and use of petrol bombs. I wonder how they become violent after Friday prayers and resort to stone throwing; otherwise any sane person who would come out of a mosque after offering prayers should be a calm and sane, at least at that point of time when immediately they come out of the mosques. It seems as if they are given strong doses by the Mullahs to join the movement. It reflects on the personality of the Maulvi Omar Farooq who leads the prayer in Jamia Masjid where trouble starts. So the Muslim clerics have to introspect among them selves to see that if they are doing service or disservice to Islam.
Every body is pointing fingers towards the security forces or the central Govt. but not a single word against the stone pelters. Nobody is questioning the Pakistan for their interference as it beyond doubt that the movement is sponsored, abated and aided by the Pakistan. Nobody is questioning the separatists who leads the protests on behalf of Pakistan and ISI. The surprising part is that every thing in Kashmir gets polluted with the anti-India sentiment. The High Court bar expressing feeling against the forces and sympathy for militants. The significant part is that the High court Srinagar has been affected by it and has questioned the use of pellet guns. The same judiciary people are protected by the same forces. I would like to ask these Judges how they would feel if they are attacked by the same mob and what will be their reaction.
Some of the politicians are advocating for talks with separatists which I think is a dangerous. Why the Govt. will talk to separatists when we have democratically elected Govt. in the State, if we believe in democracy.

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