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India’s future looking bright

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Dear Editor,
Our country has made tremendous progress after independence and we have very optimistic picture of it. If we compare the progress of these four decades with the country that India was at the close of the 21st century, we would wonder at the difference.
At present country has achieved great success in economics, trade, industry, education and science. And now we can presume that India will surely occupy an important position in the world in 21st century. The day is not far when the whole world will recognise India as the leader or torch bearer of Asia.
Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. It provides employment to over 60 per cent of the country’s work force and it accounts for over quarter of India’s gross domestic product. It also contributes substantially to export trade.
India has made rapid strides in many spheres. The economic condition of the people is better today than it was at the time of independence. We have made tremendous progress in science and technology. Our infrastructure is far better. A large number of universities, colleges and schools have been set up. Industrialisation has taken place. Better health care is now available especially in urban areas.
Average life span has increased. Infant mortality rate has come down. Better employment opportunities are available to the youth of the country. Print and electronic media has played a key role in creating awareness and bringing people closer. Improvement is noticeable even in provision of sports facilities. All this has happened despite efforts of Pakistan and China to ruin our country economically.
India is a country where the Shabad Kirtan from Gurudwaras, Azan from mosques, the Bhajans from temples and chiming of the bells from churches merge and mingle and produce a harmonious, melodious, spiritual tune, loved by one and all.
D.P Singh (Raju)

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