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India-Australia nuclear deal

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Dear Editor,
If Australia can supply uranium to China, which is a not a democratic country and has been growing its nuclear and missile strengths, why should India have been for so long deprived of uranium supply when we want to expand our nuclear power supply? It is a historic moment in India-Australia ties. With this nuclear deal signed now, our relations can grow further without a doubt. Not only uranium, for which Australia has the biggest resource, it can also help our coal-deprived power sector.
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s statement with regard to India’s impeccable non-proliferation record speaks volume and sums up the issue. Hopefully, Japan will also take a cue from this agreement and have a re-look over its restrictions on India. Critics might not be completely bowled over by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pace, but he is moving fast with regard to the country’s foreign policy.
Bal Govind

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