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Illegal parking on roadside creates chaos

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Dear Editor,
Illegal parking in various market areas is eating away road space, leading to frequent traffic jams in the city. The city has become so congested that people have to look for parking space for vehicles and at several places, drivers have created their own unauthorised parkings. The traffic congestion is emerging as the biggest problem in the city and in absence of proper management, even traffic police personnel are finding it hard to deal with the situation.
The increasing number of vehicles and paucity of parking space have been playing havoc with the traffic management in the city. In the areas like Kacchi Chawani, Parade, BC Road, Panjthirthi, Gandhi Nagar, New Plot, Janipur pedestrians and commuters are continuously annoyed with the honking and screeching of vehicles.
It becomes difficult for vehicles to pass through roads as at a number of places people park their vehicles on roadsides, leaving little space for the movement of big vehicles, afterleading to jams. Many times there are no traffic police personnel deployed on busroads and chowks to manage the flow of traffic, which lead to long jams.
The vehicles can be seen parked in a haphazard manner anywhere on the roads. People themselves are responsible for this act as they should understand their responsibility and park their vehicles in the parking area, so that it should not create chaos on roads.
Matadors drivers too are responsible for mess on roads as they halt anywhere without thinking of other vehicles. They keep waiting for passengers at same places for hours creating problems for other commuters. Their needs a strict action against such drivers who ignore rules and create problems for commuters.
Moreover, it is also pertinent to mention here that it is not the duty of traffic police to keep a check on every person and ask him to park his vehicle properly. The people must show some responsibility and keep the roads free from any type of encroachment. They should understand that due to their illegal parking of vehicles, other will face the problems. So it is the responsibility of every commuter and car owner to park vehicle properly so that others do not face any problem.
Suhail Sharma,
Purani Mandi.

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