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Forceful conversions

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Dear Editor,
Religion and intolerance are the two parallel sides that have no chance to meet although opportunists may try hard to intersect these with their own ideology and belief of hypocrisy which is the true sister of evil, intolerance, and cruelty.Being an Indian it is easy to find topics where you can write with your own opinions and point of view. Sometimes I feel that on what topic I shall write and within a minute something unexpected happens politically, socially or economically that one can easy pen down his/her opinion and make friends or foes instantly. As a writer I love to be criticised as it gives me a kick.
It is quite shameful that a wave of intolerance has been sweeping with the recent incidents of religious conversion which can either be forceful or by brain washing. Why on this earth one has to force or even convenience people to follow their religion. Religion is an individualistic approach towards ones life and everyone has a right to practice or preach his or her religion. Any kindergarten kid knows this fact. I wonder where are we heading as a nation? Are the politicians or their stooges too idle to interfere in the lives of poor. What the hell is the Govt. doing? Laws are very strict but it needs the administration to act quickly and with a mission to stop this unholy practice where ever it happens. These forceful conversions create unnecessary fear among the minority. I remember a childhood incident when I used to get furious if someone used to insult my religion and announce theirs was superior but I knew my religion taught me tolerance and love towards humanity and theirs also did the same. I knew the truth and understood that this poking was done by those who dont know reality about their own religion. If these selfish so called sainiks are so concerned abut the plight of poor they can help them economically and socially without altering their belief or faith. If hundreds of years back there was mass conversion by intruders or foreigners how can we follow same lines.It is 21st century and we cant follow dark age practices.
This nation owes an answer from Govt. about this unholy act that might weaken the base of this democratic nation and as an Indian I am ashamed and disown any ideology of leaders like Adityanath or any Owaisi. All we need is a consensus to disown these elements as our opinions can take this nation towards ahead instead of dragging it to dark ages.
Sanjay Raina

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