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Over confidence can kill you, Bill!

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The title of this article has a fun side. People who could understand it, will laugh. Others, just ignore the name used ‘Bill’. We know that self-confidence is the very key if you venture on any goal, and more important if it is a spiritual goal. We will now talk about over-confidence, which often kills the attitude.
Before all this!
We would take some considerations here about the origin of the universe, which will greatly enhance our understanding about our own origin. The scriptures declare that, before this, only spirit was!
Sphere has the maximum surface area
It is said that before the universe was created, the force that created the universe was of spherical shape. If you are a science student, or have studied geometry, you might know that sphere is believed to be the perfect shape in the universe. It has the maximum surface area, and therefore, all the things in this universe are trying to attain the shape of the sphere-to be perfect.
A desire that arose
However, before the universe came into existence, there arose a desire in that force (symbolising a distortion from its perfectness), and therefore the shape of that force turned into an ellipsoid.
Significance of Shivalingam
If you have seen a Shivalingam, you might notice its shape-it is ellipsoid. This is the main significance of Shivlingam-it describes the origin of creation.
A bit of solid geometry
In solid geometry, we learn that the ellipsoid has two centers, though the sphere has only one. These two centers depict the merging and emerging points of the universe-when the center is one, the universe in one with the creator; but when there are two centers, it is different from the creator.
We are immortals
If we can understand this concept clearly, we can easily grasp the fact that we are created by God, and we will merge into him. We are not going to die one day-we are immortals though many tend to call us mere mortals.
What we really are
Yes, we are mortal in bodily terms, but in reality, we are spirit, which is deathless and ageless. If we have confidence that we are spirit, which is omnipresent, we will not fear anything and would be able to live our life without many upheavals of sensory inputs and conceptions made up by our mind.
Thin sheen
One point is pretty important to notice here: there is always a thin sheen between self-confidence and over-confidence.
Dogmatic view about personal beliefs
Oftentimes, people, who understand or grasp something in particular, develop dogmatic ideas about their beliefs: this is true in any walk of life and in all spheres of the world.

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