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Cardiology Deptt holds camp in Old Age Home Hypertension cause of worry in old age: Dr. Sushil

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JAMMU: Having promised to return to the Old Age Home at Amphalla with a team of doctors, Head of the Cardiology Department of Government Medical College and Superspeciality Hospital, Jammu Dr. Sushil Sharma began year 2016 today by holding a day long camp at the Home for Aged and Infirm (HFAI) Amphalla in the heart of Jammu city.
Accompanied by a team of young doctors, paramedics and volunteers, Dr. Sushil Sharma reached HFAI in the wee hours of the morning and started scanning inmates for prevalence of cardiac diseases.
Dr. Sushil took special care of those who were unable to move or walk. They were thoroughly checked and free medicines were given as per the requirements.
Dr. Sushil while interacting with the inmates referred to high blood pressure being more common with advancing age, and so are its associated complications, of stroke, kidney disease, heart attack, and heart failure.
He said that elderly people should have blood pressure measured annually, and high levels (generally defined as 150/90 mm Hg and above) should be treated. The notion has long persisted that a certain degree of high blood pressure is a normal part of the aging process, and may even be necessary to pump sufficient blood to vital organs, said Dr. Sushil.
He added that more recently, convincing evidence has been gathered that hypertension in the elderly is not benign. Even in old age, lowering elevated blood pressure can save lives. Control of hypertension may not be achieved as readily as in younger patients, but even so, partial treatment can lower the rate of potentially serious complications, said Dr. Sushil. He maintained that natural physiologic changes in old age will somewhat lessen efficiency of the heart.
He further said that aging heart (as well as the blood vessels) becomes less elastic, so it is not able to relax as completely between beats. Dr. Sushil added that physiologic changes in the heart and blood vessels make the elderly more prone to certain types of cardiovascular disease. These include isolated systolic hypertension, orthostatic hypotension, heart failure, certain valve disorders (particularly of the aortic valve), and certain rhythm abnormalities, particularly bradycardias, or slow rhythms, said the Head of the Department of Cardiology in Government Medical College and Superspeciality Hospital.
Dr. Sushil informed the inmates that many of these heart ailments can be treated by medication, while others are helped by surgery or pacemakers.
He promised the inmates that he would be available for them round the clock. “I am always available for you all. Treat me as your own and knock my door whenever you wish to. I feel proud of being in your company since it is these blessings which have carried me through even during tough times,” said HOD of Cardiology. Secretary Home for Old Age and Infirm Vijay Magotra applauded and appreciated efforts of Cardiology Department for holding a camp in the home.
Led by Dr. Sushil, the team of doctors which was part of this humane effort included Dr. Mohi Kalsotra, Dr. Dhaneshwar Kapoor and Dr. Anitipal Singh. Paramedics and Volunteers who were part of the team included Kashmiri Lal, Kamal Kishore, Sanjay Sharma, Gaurav Sharma, Vikas Kumar, Lokesh, Mohan Krishan and Om Prakash.

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