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Bewitching and Fascinating Colours of Arts

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Tara Chand Bhagat

Bewitching and fascinating Colours of Arts unite us with unending, unlimited, sweetness and melodious sounds agreeable to the ears of everybody who even don’t understand the very language in which the singers are singing the songs.
Mankind is the finest creation amongst all the creations. But other various kinds of creations are none second to the mankind; that too are equally important to be part of this beautiful environment for its sustenance and balancing the ever-existing ecosystem on this blue planet. Just as different races of mankind speak in their different languages, likewise other creations be it animals; be it wild animals living in forest covers of the world too speak in their own sweet languages. This is what we call the wonderful work of the Almighty Creator. The Almighty Creator has put bewitching and fascinating colours of arts among all the creations. All are incomplete without blessings of ‘His’ ever-lasting power. But the almighty God passes on ‘His’ unending power on the spiritual guru who has attained knowledge of spirituality and with the help of spiritual guidance guru can make anyone trained whosoever wants to be expert in any art.Without ‘True Guru’ one cannot become perfect however he or she may try to be. How Sadhguru Kabir ji had beautifully said in the praise and higher status of his guru knowing about the spirituality of the Supreme Power of the Almighty God. There is no bar and barriers of caste, creed,
colour ,religion or reginto which fine arts belong to.
Guru aur Paras Mein Barro Antro; Sach Maano Jaan,
Paras Loha Kanchan Kare; Guru Kare Aap Samaan.
Arts are of various colours which have got bewitching and fascinating powers which can only be got with the help and guidance of True Guru. First of all I would like to discuss about ‘Fine Arts’-Fine Arts include the singing of patriotic songs; playing upon harmonium, Flute-playing; Tabla-Dholak playing, dancing are the main manifestations or forms of ‘Fine Arts’.All these are the vital sources of amusement and entertainment .Even Ravana had said that if there is any magic in the world that lies in singing a song. So, the colours of ‘Fine Arts’ are really very attractive, bewitching, fascinating charming ones. All the great singers had sooner’ or later left this mortal world whereas their great names would remain immortal in this world. Great names of Lata Mangeshkar and Mohd Rafi are worthwhile to be quoted highlighting their great contribution towards the ‘Rang Manch’ to be in the Indian Film Industry and their names deserve to be called as Queen Lata Mangeshkar and King Mohd Rafi.Both had sang the patriotic songs in their melodious sounds or voices that delighted the ear the air in harmonizing and magical music. Symphony of their harmonious sounds is very much bewitched also consonance of their sounds agreeable to our ears.A few words of their songs are hereby presented as follows: Lata Mangeshkar sang-Ae Mere Vatan Ke Logo Aankh Mein Bhar Lo Paani, Jo Shaheed Huye Hain Unki Zara Yaad Karo Qurbani. Mohd Rafi Song-Chal Urr Ja Re Panchhi Ab Je Desh Hua Begana. What was the extent of their patriotic songs? They were the great patriots of the great Indian nation. The famous Ustad Bismillah Khan, and Shenaibadak, Tabla Badak and Ravi Shankar, Satar Badak are remembered with great reverence towards their commendable contributions in the field of ‘Fine Arts’. One need not have to be educationally educated to learning ‘Fine Arts’. Even an illiterate person can be expert with the guidance of True Guru. Ustad Bismilla Khan has gone, still his name is alive in this world. Since he had got excellence over his fine arts. So many singers and dancers have shown in film industry but I would name a few actors and actresses who have earned great name in the field of dancing excellently. Their names are Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra, Amitabh Bacchan, Rekha, Hema Malini are known to this generation irrespective of caste, creed, colour and region or religion. This is the significance of the colours of Arts. The colours of arts never get faded rather get deeper day by day. The colours of arts create deep love and affection between each and every citizens of the nation. As we the Indians have always been great lovers of peace and tranquillity across the world.
Games and sports’ colours of Arts-
Undoubtedly, games and sports too play a very constructive contribution and role towards health of youth development earning name and fame winning all kinds of medals to the country. But it becomes impossible to be perfect without proper guidance and required training to be provided by the guru to the inspiring youths. So there must be a national interest to be taken by the Union as well as state govts opening more and more training centres and institutes where the inspiring youths could be able to get the requisite encouragement so as to promoting each and every games and sports, competitions to be faced by the youths both males and females at the State national and international levels. Several employment opportunities will also be enhanced in the field of games and sports. It is also the best method to keeping away the youths of the country who have got involved into the bad habit of taking intoxicating drugs telling upon hazardous and ill-effects on their health. Such are the gravity of colours of arts of games and sports which can help the youths to be called valuable wealth of the nation in our vast country. Now I would like to express the beautiful colours and also their significance to be artisans, craftsmen and mechanics. In this modern era of technologies, it has become very necessary to be technical hands to earning their livelihood for sustenance of life in a decent and respectful manner. It would also help curbing the ever-increasing unemployment not in our vast country but also it is being increasing throughout every country the across the globe. And day by day it is getting out of control by each and every govt. It is the only lone solution to be technical hands to beating the un-employment on large scales in each and every sector be it Public Sectors or Private Sectors. It would be self-dependent as well as independent sources of earning far, far better than to be white-collar jobs used to be in the past. But it becomes difficult to be perfect without the proper guidance of a ‘True Guru’. One; whosoever, wants to be perfect has to be sought proper guidance in learning to be an expert mechanic of all the vehicles then and only then One can learn a decent and dignified livelihood in one’s life.Take the example of a carpenter who deals with wood work.He can carve out several fascinating colours of designs on the wooden doors tables, chairs, dewans or other show-pieces for show-casing their arts with highly decorations in the drawing rooms of every houses. Now manual work of carpenter is rarely found and the modern technologies i.e. machines have taken the place of manual work and getting flourishing very fastly speeding in each and every sector. Masonry is also flourishing with the modern technological construction of houses, buildings flooring with colorful tiles, also walls of the houses are being tiled with various designs. Now it has become fashion of tiling the houses, buildings, offices both private and govt. Iron foundry -Iron works such as locomotive, Steam engines, bicycles, tri-cycles and many more tractors for agriculture iron goods and materials and agricultural implements are made in the factories with the help of modern technologies, machines have overpowered the manual work to be done by the iron men who used to mould hot iron into the shape of so many implement mostly used in horticultural and agricultural fields.Pottery to be called a potter’s work by which clay is mould into the shapes of earthenware vessels such as a pitchers, sarahies, muts, all are called a poor man’s refrigerators and the drinking water to be kept in these earthenware, pots or vessels is very much beneficial for keeping good health rather than drinking water filled in steel wares or fridge bottles water are more harmful to be taken by all walks of life. Now the govt is also laying emphasis on the promotion of one product; one district is a very good scheme for the people to be adopted throughout all the 640 districts of the country. With this innovative ideas of helpful nature all kinds of businesses whichsoever may be will get flourished and the financial and economical position of every section of the society will also get more improved and the people will definitely become self-independent, self-reliance and self-sufficient in their businesses.
Today, the world is clamouring for the demand of skilled and trained youths not to be simple educated persons. Yet another example of colour of handloom art which was prevalent in the past when weaving of cloth was used to be woven on handloom. Now power looms are being used to be weaving the cloth with various colourful designs such as linings on plain cloth are designed on cotton, silk, tusser, textile cloth and fabric i.e. Woven materials are prepared in the textile mills. Cotton industries and mills are found in the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, M.P. and Ahmadabad is the industrial centre, with a number of cotton textiles mills. Maharashtra cotton textiles is the major industry of the state .Cotton textiles industries are also there in the states of Bihar and Orissa. Besides being other industries such as iron and steel, chemical fertilizers, locomotives, heavy machine tools, paper, cement and jute. West Bengal is also indsutrially much advanced. The chief industries of jute goods, cotton textiles, silk textiles are found in Kolkata,Durgapur,Chittaranjan,Murshidabad,Hooghly,Howrah,Burnpur and Siliguri. Cotton textile industries are also found in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. There is a network of Cotton textile Industries being spread all over the country that’s why import and export trade of cotton textile, silk textile is done with other countries of the world.
There are so many other colours of arts which are very useful to earning a decent and comfortable life spending to be in such occupations that need to be adopted in one’s life. These occupations seem to be very common and ordinary ones but are not unnecessary to be avoided. These are the most petty technical occupations that are needed at the time of urgent nature for instance if an electric set-up gets out of order, if its failure of power supply followed by a plumbing of a tap fitted with plastic tank, gets out of order and whole of the stored, water leaks out of it. Also, one has to visit a Barber’s shop to get one’s hair cut is also an unavoidable nature of work. Last but not the least the colours of writing arts never get discoloured even the skill of writing is read by several times. Virtually one must be in the habit of reading art & literature that had been written by the great writers like those of Shakespeare, Mahatma Gandhi, J.L. Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel ,Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Munshi Prem Chand, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, Jagmohan, Mohd. Iqbal, Mirza Galib, Netaji Subash Chander Bose, Sarogini Naidu. They were such great writers as they had written quantitative and qualitative dimensional materials of literatures such as prose, poetry, dramas, plays, novels, short-stories and thoughts. Having read their ever-lasting literatures of those great writers the generation after generation have learnt a lot of lessons and could not be able to write as such as they had written meaningfully and voluminous. Virtually they were the versatile writers.It is out of place to mention here that some of the technical arts such as cloth mills, Tannery, pottery, Iron foundry, Carpentry and so many others have been become “sole sale centres” to be run or owned by the so-called upper castes to which these technical arts do not at all belong to them. They know nothing about knowhow of their technicality. Infact, the technical hands who are virtually well-versed dealing with such sale-Centres. Mean to say that net profits go to those who do not know the technicality of such arts. These technical hands have to be the real owners of these Sale Centres taken over by the non-technical hands. Now for the last ten years the Central govt. is laying greater emphasis over such fascinating colours of arts and initiated various schemes pertaining to such arts promoting the factors responsible for becoming Atamnirbhar Bharat and thus creating more and more scope of opportunities to the unemployed youths so that they could be able to be job givers not job seekers in the field of such arts to which they become expert.
By this way our vast Country would be able to progressing by leap and bounds in the years to come. Conclusively, in summation let me imbible the spirit into the youths to highlighting the very viewpoints of the central govt. promoting such bewitching and fascinating colours of technical arts amongst the unemployed youths to be adopted by them in their youthful career so as to be forwarding self-sufficiency to be job givers to others not to be job-seekers in the years to come. In the years to come, Our India will not be called a country of unemployed youths but a country of technical hands. For this propose my intention is to get the legacy of central govt.’s schemes implemented in letter and spirit for becoming India as an atamirbhar Bharat on the basis of unemployed youths to be technical hands. I want to close-up my article with the old Indian proverb as follows:
Uttam Kheti ; Mandam Beopar,
Nikhid Chakri; Sarv-uttam apna Rozgaar.

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