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Stay away from toxic relationships and friendships

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Surjit Singh Flora

Life is a beautiful journey of attachment, and the same journey continues through different relationships. However, we can define life and relationships based on some facts, but every definition changes with time. When the time is right, everyone likes you, but no one even wants any relationship with you when the time is terrible.
The truth is no one will love you or make you feel the way you want, and no one will understand your happiness and sadness.
If someone is giving hatred, that’s what they are inside. If someone provides happiness, that’s what they are inside. They are just showing themselves to you. People are not going to behave as per our expectations. They will behave what they are inside. If you expected something from others, it’s your fault, not theirs.
Human nature is constantly changing and moody. Today they may love you. Tomorrow with no reason, hates you. They may smile this moment, and the next moment they give you a weird look/face. Do you really want love and care from people with fluctuating behaviour/attitudes?
But we can only create such an environment for a short time; one day, we will have to face the truth. So, the emphasis should be on building a good relationship rather than just looking at someone’s wealth, job and profession. Patience and trust are the keys to good relationships, but often the focus is on impatience and a few moments of happiness. When we realize our mistake, our character is stigmatized, and we fall out of our sight. Relationships should never be like glass that breaks easily. Authentic relationships don’t last for ages, nor do our interests change over time.
Responsible for the current hollow and broken relationship is our attitude and haste towards relationships. Because love requires patience, and patience is rare today.
Even if both the partners have patience and loyalty, society will not change its attitude towards money and land and property. Money is more important to the community than happiness. Perhaps that is why the mind has taken the place of the heart in trying to save relationships nowadays. Everyone here seems to be planning to build, preserve and sustain relationships. But planning is part of the business sector.
In relationships, there is dialogue and consultation. If I were not talking about advice here, I would have misunderstood the idea by not considering planning as advice, but the only meaning I am referring to advice here is that every feeling and aspect would be associated with different emotions. Is, one side of which is going in a good direction and the other is going in a wrong direction, in general, the two look the same, but when we feel it closely, we start to see the difference between good and evil.
If we always believe in ourselves and are not ready to change even though we know the truth, then there is no point in talking about change, but if we start comparing every aspect with time-based on our wisdom and principles. Then one day, we can get the journey of life on the right track. So, the most important thing is that we have to decide what the current state of our mental state is, whether it is free, whether it is capable of judging right from wrong. When we get the answers to these questions, then we will be able to strengthen our mindset, and it is a fact that a strong perspective never produces weak results, whether that result is related to your dream or relationship.
Let’s choose a happy and peaceful relationship that will lead to loyalty and trust. If we try to eliminate inpatient and selfish thinking in our thinking, then patience and faith will automatically take their place. Where there is patience and trust, there is peace, happiness, love and strong relationships. Now it is up to you to decide whether we plan to spend our lives repenting of our misfortunes and grievances or whether we would like to seek advice to live our lives happily.
So, in the end, people are selfish; they connect with you for some selfish reason, they will disconnect once their business is accomplished. So, if you think that they are going to care for you, you are being delusional. You should better not expect anything from such people. Be emotionally strong enough not to get abused by these selfish people. Stay away from toxic relationships and friendships.
Live, laugh, love conditionally.
(The writer is a veteran journalist and freelance writer based in Brampton).

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