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Sir, brandishing the threat of starvation and destitution to the victims of Genocidal attrition can not be a strategy to stand up to Genocidal attrition.
More disturbing is the fact that various leaders of the government have tried to trivialise the gravity of the situation of these selective genocidal killings of scores of Hindus living in Kashmir by targeting all its segments, those who had returned to Kashmir for employment, those who lived in Kashmir, Kashmiri speaking, non-Kashmiri speaking, those belonging to SC and ST segments, daily wagers, hawkers etc.
After each selective killing GoI continued, in fact intensified its declarations that situation has become normal in Kashmir at a time when terrorists struck repeatedly on the other end of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir in Rajauri and Poonch killing Hindu civilians and security personnel.
Honourable Prime Minister, Sir, your government said that killings of Hindus in Kashmir were far less in number than in 1990 and not only Hindus but others are also being killed.
In 1990 when religious cleansing against Hindus was unleashed whole of Hindu population was living in Kashmir and when Hindus were targeted recently only a few thousand Hindus were living in Kashmir. The proportion of Killings is certainly many times more than that happened in 1989-90.
That others were also killed as stated by your government implies that terrorist violence in Kashmir has a secular nature. While your Foreign Minister rightly blames Pakistan for normalizing terror, your own government also indulges in normalizing terrorism against Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir. In fact it seeks to secularize it also.
Honorable Prime Minister, Sir, like your predecessors your government also chooses to describe the total war of Jihad as mere terrorism, deny the Genocide of Hindus of Jammu & Kashmir and call religious cleansing as migration.
The approach has been destructive of the Hindus of Jammu & Kashmir.
This approach allows the spill over of Jihad to the rest of India. And the Jihadi ferment is fast spreading. The happenings in Nuh in Haryana are not any isolated happenings.
Government of India’s policy of enforcing return of Hindus of Kashmir is by implication a policy of Denial of Genocide of Hindus of Kashmir.
Many experts describe Denial of Genocide as the last stage or climax of Genocide. Hindus of Kashmir are caught up between Genocide and Denial of Genocide.
Government of India’s policy about Hindus of Kashmir/ Kashmiri Pandits is not a policy for their rehabilitation but a policy of enforcing them to return and live in a Muslim Order which allowed the Genocide to be unleashed upon them.
Perpetrators of Genocide always seek to ensure the destruction of victims to become permanent and irrevocable. They seek to reshape the reality. In many cases the perpetrators start the process even before the actual acts of genocide. Even the possibility of mobilisation of public opinion by the leftovers of the genocidal destruction so that they reassert again is sought to be destroyed.
Immediately after genocidal destruction the perpetrators start the integration of the historical territory of victims into the territory of perpetrators. Burning and destruction of Hindu property and religious places started along with genocidal killings of Hindus in Kashmir. Fraudulent encroachment and unleashment of distress sales was also the part of territorial effacement of the Hindus of Kashmir and converting their habitat into the habitat of the perpetrators.
The change of demographics of the land of Kashmir is nakedly evident. The destruction of the architectural heritage of victims and renaming of places in favour of the cultural and architectural wishes of perpetrators has been going on unimpededly in Kashmir even during the BJP rule.
Expropriation of the economy of victims to launder the wealth of victims into coffers of perpetrators is a part of Genocide and Denial of Genocide. The victim population without the recognition of what has befallen upon them become perpetually insecure and their physical extension into future is constantly put to question.
Respected Prime Minister, Sir,
Denial of Genocide seeks to molest the dignity of the victims and destroys even their right to memory of their tragedy. Denial seeks to murder and kill them once again.
We remphasise the issue only to apprise you very humbly of our perspectives about these realities.
Sir, your commitment to civilisational continuity of India is glaringly evident. Everybody witnessed it during G20 deliberations in New Delhi under your presidentship. You have very recently once again revealed to people of India that executive head of India holds the Dharma-Dand in his hands so that he never ignores the Dharma.
Can you ignore Dharma in Jammu and Kashmir? Can you uphold the policy of the Denial of Hindu Genocide of Jammu & Kashmir as part of Dharma?
Our heart tells us that you cannot be party to any such perversion.
In the Muslim State of Jammu and Kashmir Hindus of Kashmir and Hindus of Jammu were made subject people of a Muslim order.At present we don’t see any liberation from this enslavement. In fact we see the practices of the enslavement of the Hindus of entire India.
We are witness to how the demographic weight of Hindus in Jammu was reduced and delegitimized. We are witness to the reality of not only our permanent inferiorisation but also permanent inferiorisation of the Hindus of Jammu. We are also the witnesses of the inferiorisation of the Hindus of India.
Hostaging Hindus of Jammu and Kashmir to compromises with Muslim identity politics has already proven to be a suicide.
Is it too much to expect from you that you will liberate Hindus of Kashmir and Jammu not only because it is their right but also for the reason to liberate Muslims from the grip of fundamentalism and regression?
In your two terms you have done lot of service to the nation. We expect and earnestly hope that you will decisively intervene in Jammu and Kashmir.
You have dismantled the de jure framework of the Muslim State of Jammu and Kashmir by neutralizing Article 370, removing 35-A, and reorganizing Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories. We have great expectations that you will also dismantle the de facto Muslim State of Jammu and Kashmir which is still alive and kicking.
We want you to give serious consideration to following realities:

  1. Denial of Genocide leads to duplication of Genocide and helps in its spread. It also consolidates the Genocide into an irrevocable reality. So recognition of Genocide of Hindus in Jammu & Kashmir is an imperative necessity not only for the survival of the Hindus in Kashmir but also for putting a halt on the expansion of this genocidal Jihadi war into rest of India.
  2. There is an imperative necessity that the Government of India makes a law on the prevention and punishment of the Crime of Genocide and create a tribunal as per this law to bring the perpetrators of genocide to justice. Panun Kashmir has already submitted the relevant Genocide Bill to your good self for your due consideration.
  3. Reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir is still a half measure. There is an imperative necessity to separate Jammu from Kashmir and divide Kashmir once again to carve out a Union Territory East and north of River Jhelum for the rehabilitation of Hindus of Kashmir so that they don’t suffer one more genocide and religious cleansing. Converting Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir once again into a state will be far more destabilising and will certainly give separatism a new lease of life.
  4. Recognize Jihad as a war form and start dealing with terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir in its real ideological context and content.
  5. Relocate Hindus living in Kashmir outside Kashmir before one more gruesome tragedy happens with them.
  6. Realize that All Terrorism and separatism is not coming from Pakistan. It is nursed and cultivated locally and grows from within the civil domains in Kashmir and Jammu.
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